Blogging as a Career – An attractive and interesting Career Choice | Choosing Content Writing as a Career option


Break out from the herd, Crush the stereotype.

If you want to sound cool amongst your college friends and be THAT PERSON in your college then you definitely ought to do something different. Let’s take you through an alternative career option for people who are simply passionate about something and want to carve out a niche out of it.

Blogging as a career option

Blogging refers to writing about things which you like on third-party websites or your own website and earn money out of it. That’s what people are indulging into nowadays by breaking out from their routine jobs so that they can give time to what they love and excel at it. Blogging as a Career is not only a full-time option but can also be started when you are in college as something to do in your free-time and in the process pocket some bucks which could pay for your fancy restaurant bills and finance your shopping fantasies.

With the advancement of technology and Internet connectivity getting stronger thanks to revolutionaries, it’s quite easy to wallow in these kinds of stuff and become a master of your own field interest.

So, just get the glimpse of requirements and start blogging and exercise your area of interest and put across your viewpoint to the people.

Let’s look at some of the things which you have to do before you can start with it.

1. Have the zeal and passion for it

A new career option away from the normal things is a thing for the brave and passionate people. If you are not amongst these then you seriously need to think twice before pursuing Blogging as a Career. Starting a blog to earn some extra bucks during college days does not require such thinking but when you consider it as a full-time option, it requires some serious thinking. The huge money will not start flowing in so fast and you got to be patient with what you are doing and pursue it with the same intensity irrespective of the results.

The gutsy can only do what they really like and follow their passion.

Blogging as a Career option, interesting and gutsy option

And this task is only cut out for the gutsy.

” Create a Content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.” – Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Guru.

2. Choose your ‘NICHE’

Choose your Niche Blogging as interesting career option

You cannot be a master of all trades, so you just can’t blindly start writing on any topic whatsoever. You have to choose your focus point.

This is a very important thing when it comes to blogging.

A blogger always knows what he is writing and he should be confident enough to start with it. There can be inhibitions and insecurities in your mind pertaining to other blogs catering to the same topic but you got to be different and give our readers something different to read and compel them to click on your article.

You can choose topics ranging from travel, cooking, sports, DIYs, art & craft, etc. There are a plethora of options and you should know about your consumer base who will consume your content before starting with it.

Carving out a niche is the key when it comes to blogging.

3. The Starter Pack

Now that you are clear about what you want to do. Let’s take a look at what you have to do to get started.

For beginners, you can go for free writing platforms like Medium and Blogger where you have nothing to lose and get an idea of how your writing is being received.

Pick a topic as soon as you complete this article and hit the button and BOOM, you just published your first article with nothing to lose but everything to gain. Testing your skills and having the ability to learn from it is an important requisite in any field and very important in the initial stages of your career.

So, have the courage to face failures.

Starting a free blog will not get you the bucks and the advantages of analytics but once you gain experience you can shift to a paid one. You can also start by working as a freelancer with any agency which will save you from the technicalities of setting up a blog.

Having said that, you can also go for paid hosting. You can buy a domain which comes at a price of a medium size pizza at Domino’s which you crave for every weekend. Sacrificing one weekend for your dreams is worth it. You can go for these things and start your website on WordPress and see the magic unfurl when the world is in awe with your writing skills.

Learn about the various theme settings and plugins which work towards getting you the boost to your blogs. Choose your themes wisely according to your topic and go for the kill.

Momentum is the key and the going gets tough if you lose it.

Don’t worry about useless stuff when things get tough but instead have a firm determination on what you are doing and keep the wheel rolling.

Vlogging is on rising

Vlogging is also an option, Blogging as interesting career option

If you also want to support your written blogs through videos, then VLOGGING is another option you can go for. Now, whether you want to do both or any of the two, completely depends on you. For VLOGGING you just need a script related to your content, a camera, good speaking skills and video editing skills and upload the video to your YouTube Channel and you are ready to go. YouTube is the go-to medium for all Vloggers and exploring it not a crime as it will give a boost to your blogs. When the camera rolls, the visitors also blog also come in.

4. The Reach Factor

Now that you have published your first Article or Video, you have to get people to read it or watch it. For that, you need to learn some digital marketing skills. Blogs of Neil Patel, the renowned Digital Marketing Guru are the best to give your content the reach. His well-curated blogs are very helpful. You should also try out MOZ’s SEO Tools to learn more about SEO and other features to help your blog stand out amongst others.

Neil Patel increase Increase reach, Blogging as a career option

Google Trends and Hubspot’s Topic Generator will help you to know about the current trends and topic ideas to write on.

Everybody writes but the way you market that writing is key towards becoming a successful blogger. Hitting the right areas will help you earn those bucks.

5. Making Money

Turning your blog into a money making machinery requires skills and a lot of consumer analytics. As mentioned above, marketing your blogs will help you earn. The reach that you garner will help you reach out to third-party Ads through Google Ad Sense and earn.

So, here is it what it takes to start out as a blogger and be COOL amongst your college friends. Sadly, blogging is perceived as means to make quick bucks but it’s never like that. Brian Clark of Copyblogger started out in 2006 and took him many years to make Copyblogger one of the best Content Marketing site.

Perseverance is the key to success and if you want to make big by pursuing Blogging as a Career then you should give it all and be consistent and not fret over failures.

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. – Michelangelo