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The BITSAT question paper comprises easy and tricky questions. The BITSAT is a time-bound exam and the competition is increasing day by day as the number of seats available for admission to a number of students applying is very high. BITSAT exam does not have reservation category. The meritorious students are admitted on the basis of cutoff scores. Direct admission to the board topper of the current academic year.

BITSAT test is time-bound online MCQ based paper. The BITSAT 2019 will test the candidates’ speed, accuracy, and presence of mind. BITSAT syllabus comprises of course work of 11 and 12 class. Studying only the given syllabus will not be enough for BITSAT 2019. The candidates should solve a minimum of 3 mock test papers every day in the last three months of BITSAT preparations. Preparation planning should include solving all Arihant, NCERT questions, online test series, and mock papers. It will help the candidate in scoring the target score for BITSAT 2019.

BITSAT 2019 Exam Information

BITSAT Question Paper

BITSAT 2019 will be conducted in the third week of May 2019. The sample papers (test series and model tests) solving is feasible to incorporate in a preparation plan. Candidates identify the pattern of questions, important topics carrying maximum marks and improve speed. The cutoff score plays the major role in the rank and admission procedure. The admission process takes into account the cutoff scores primarily.

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The BITSAT question papers are available online/offline. The Arihant, MTG by BITSAT explorers and Pearson English for English language preparation are the best source of knowledge.

Online BITSAT Preparation Material

  • Comprehensive Guide (BITSAT Online Test) – with Mosk Test CD (English), Disha Experts
  • Complete Success Package for Online BITSAT 2016 (With CD): Comprehensive Coverage of NCERT Syllabus for Classes 11 and 12 (English) 4th Edition, Arihant Publication.
  • Online test series by Allen or Resonance.
  • Test series by Arihant, Doprep or Embibe works, it is available on the internet for free.

The websites link best for providing mock test for BITSAT is given here

Embibe : Providing free test series and mock test.

Embibe mock test

Most of the times the student scoring 280 or more has the great chance of scoring up to 320+ if he/she works on the preparation on the more serious level.

Benefits of solving BITSAT sample papers

  • BITSAT question paper helps a candidate to understand the nature and exam pattern of the exam.
  • Online mock test help in increasing the speed.
  • The paper is easy comprising of tricky questions, solving test series will help in mastering the topics
  • Practice the sample paper available for better scores.
  • Analyze the mistake and work on it for better results.

BITSAT Mock Tets

Exam Pattern For BITSAT 2019

The paper comprises four section. All 150 question carry equal weight of marks. Each correct answer leads to +3 and an incorrect answer leads to -1. BITSAT comprises of four main sections as follows:

Sections Subjects Number of Questions Marks
I Chemistry 40 120
II Physics 40 120
III Mathematics 45 135
IV 1. English Language 15 45
2.Logical Reasoning 10 30
Total: 150 450

BITSAT 2019 Exam Pattern

The candidate should be well versed with the paper pattern. This is the major part of preparation and practice.

Previous Years BITSAT Papers

The BITSAT previous paper is an important source for practicing. The previous year paper and last year paper provide important insights for the BITSAT 2019 exam. Download the test papers and prepare well for BITSAT 2019.

Previous Years Question Paper pdf