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BITSAT Books and Preparation Material – BITSAT is the entrance exam for admission to the various campuses of BITS Pilani. The exam takes place in online mode. It consists of various slots across different days in the second half of the month of May 2019.

BITSAT preparation requires a lot of practice. Syllabus of BITSAT is similar to the course subject of class 11 and 12. The candidate does not require any extra book for preparation if the class 11 and 12 coursework is well learned. The student should buy practice BITSAT book/ practice test papers for preparation.


The table given below provide information for preparing BITSAT mathematics, physics, and chemistry syllabus. The preparation material and best BITSAT books are given below.


Arihant BITSAT

The Arihant books for BITSAT are ideal for practicing the good amount of different questions.

BITSAT Explorer by MTG

The level of questions is difficult in comparison with Arihant. The book has topicwise questions.
BITSAT Prep By Resonance

The level of questions is easy. It should be used for beginners after clearing concepts

NCERT Chemistry,

Good for concept clearing.

study material can be found on CBSE site.

NCERT Mathematics,

 and NCERT Physics

Arihant BITSAT Books: Keeping in mind the requirements of the students, Arihant has exam ready content. The book has a very precise style of presenting the content and it easily understandable. The book is developing the latest content, updates as per the needs and requirements of the students making Arihant books a hallmark for quality.

NCERT Chemistry: The NCERT chemistry is the best book for BITSAT for preparing certain topics. The first priority for preparation should be organic chemistry. Concepts have to be clear for BITSAT 2019. Topics to prepare are petroleum, dyes and drugs, some parts of biochemistry, eukaryotic cells, the boiling point of petroleum, the structure of the antifertility drug, the order of sweetness of artificial sweeteners, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Everyday Life. BITSAT Chemistry requires some extra input as there are several topics which are not in +2 syllabus.

NCERT Mathematics: The NCERT Mathematics have to be studied for clearing concepts. The questions won’t help much. Important topics to be prepared are coordinate geometry, calculus, complex number, vector, 3D, statistics, exponential & logarithmic series (most important), integral calculus, binomial theorem.

NCERT Physics: It will not cover all the important topic and is recommended for mechanics, optics, modern physics, current & electricity, semiconductors, and electrostatics. Important topics from 11 class NCERT Physics include work, power and energy, momentum conservation, friction, gravitation, rotational dynamics, waves, and KTG.

NCERT Books/Solution Link

The BITSAT books are ideal for candidates for practicing the questions to increase their speed, test the accuracy of the correct/ incorrect answers. For, BITSAT, there is no specific book to follow for practice. No actual past year papers are there in market or internet. BITSAT never releases the previous year question paper. The available preparation mock papers are the best source for preparation.

BITSAT Exam Pattern

Online BITSAT Preparation Material

  • Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test – with Mosk Test CD (English), Disha Experts
  • A Complete Success Package for Online BITSAT 2016 (With CD): Comprehensive Coverage of NCERT Syllabus for Classes 11 and 12 (English) 4th Edition, Arihant Publication.
  • Online test series by Allen or Resonance.
  • Test series by Arihant, Doprep or Embibe works, it is available on the internet for free.

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The student opts for online preparation, online test series, and online mock test. The test series helps a candidate in adapting the test pattern. It helps in increasing the speed, judging the ability on an all India level. The candidate will able to analyze the level of preparation, improve the test score in mock test and preparation techniques. The student scoring 280 in mock test has the great chance of scoring up to 320+ in the actual test.

Study materials to follow

The BITSAT do not provide previous year papers, there is no reliable source available which could exactly predict the paper for BITSAT 2019. The test series available are helpful for students in improving the accuracy and increasing the speed with practicing maximum questions. The test series by Allen or Resonance is tough, and may not help the beginner for increasing speed and accuracy. A decent test series by Arihant, Doprep or Embibe would be beneficial for the beginner.

The BITSAT explorer is the best guide for BITSAT 2019 has a concise theory which helps in revision. The questions are perfect for BITSAT prep with a little higher level of difficulty.

Mock tests are the important part of BITSAT preparation. The online test series available provide few free tests. BITSAT is time intensive paper; The mock test prep helps the candidate in increasing up the speed.

Mock Test Link


BITSAT 2019 preparation would be easy if the candidate studies the syllabus of 11 and 12 class thoroughly. The three months of BITSAT preparation, the student should revise the course, start the mock test preparation and analyze the mistake. Solve test papers within the set time limit. Start with the one test series at a time after gaining confidence in self-prep. Review the result and analyze the mistakes. Look for the weak section and start to focus on it. The BITSAT 2019 will focus on speed, accuracy, and presence of mind.
All the best!