BITSAT 2019 Syllabus – Physics, Chemistry, Maths & English


BITSAT 2019 Syllabus comprises of all the topics and chapters subject wise with which BITSAT 2019 question paper will be prepared. BITSAT 2019 will be conducted on the basis of NCERT syllabus of class 11 and 12. The entrance test will comprise of questions from the BITSAT syllabus 2019 only. It is must for the candidates to know the BITSAT syllabus thoroughly before preparation.

BITSAT Exam is conducted online across four sections viz., Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, and a fourth section comprising of both English and Logical Reasoning. All four subjects in BITSAT 2019 syllabus contain multiple units which contain subtopics based on which candidates would be required to answer. All the candidates have to be well aware of the exam pattern as well as BITSAT 2019 syllabus. Follow this article for updated BITSAT 2019 Syllabus.

BITSAT Exam Pattern

BITSAT 2019 Syllabus – Complete Details

BITS, Pilani has not announced BITSAT 2019 Syllabus yet. Aspirants should follow the syllabus of the previous year which is expected to remain the same as in the previous past years. Syllabus for BITSAT 2019 Engineering exam covers topics which are taught in 11 and 12 class in all the state and central board of the country.

Physics Chemistry Mathematics English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning
Units & Measurement States of Matter




Kinematics Atomic Structure




Newton’s Laws of Motion Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure Two-dimensional Coordinate Geometry Reading Comprehension
Impulse and Momentum Thermodynamics


Three-dimensional Coordinate Geometry Composition
Work and Energy Physical and Chemical Equilibria Differential calculus


Verbal Reasoning
Rotational Motion Electrochemistry Integral calculus Non-verbal Reasoning
Gravitation Chemical Kinetics


Ordinary Differential Equations
Mechanics of Solids and Fluids Hydrogen and s-block elements Probability
Oscillations p- d- and f-block elements Vectors


Waves Principles of Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons Statistics


Heat and Thermodynamics Stereochemistry Linear Programming
Electrostatics Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Oxygen and Nitrogen
Current Electricity Biological , Industrial and Environmental chemistry
Magnetic Effect of Current Theoretical Principles of Experimental Chemistry
Electromagnetic Induction
Modern Physics
Electronic Devices
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Candidates should follow the BITSAT exam pattern and prepare accordingly with the syllabus given above for BITSAT 2019.

BITSAT 2019 Physics Syllabus
BITSAT 2019 Chemistry Syllabus
BITSAT 2019 Mathematics Syllabus
BITSAT 2019 English Syllabus