Best street food in Delhi – Street food you must try in Delhi


No one can deny that every Indian is a fan of street food and almost every Indian is ready to have street food at any time! The hub of street food is the capital of India- Delhi. The streets of Delhi is filled with food items and each item should be tried at least once. Not only the variety but different combinations of food items in Delhi is remarkable. The street food here is worth every calorie and there is an endless number of food items available. Here is the compiled list of best street food in Delhi.

Best street food in Delhi

1. Tom Uncle Maggi point

Maggi has always helped us to escape from the midnight cravings in just 2 minutes and thus is considered the best snack. But, what if you suddenly find that there is a place which serves more than 12 varieties of Maggi, I think that you will just pray to rush over there right now. Tom Uncle Maggi Point is located near Daulat Ram College and Ramjas College in North campus and serves various varieties of Maggi, pasta, sandwiches, shakes etc. It is an old and charming hub of DU students and is super affordable. It is the best chill hangout zone of students and they generally come here during the break time. Manchurian Maggi, All In One Maggi, Double Cheese Maggi are some varieties you must try.

LOCATION: Near Ramjas College, North Campus

MEAL FOR TWO: Rs. 100- Rs. 150

                                                     Tom uncle maggie point - Best street food in Delhi - Street food you must try in Delhi

2. Fateh Ki Kachodi

An iconic treat in Delhi, Fateh ki Kachodi is an extraordinary culinary adventure. Generally, Kachodi is served with potatoes but here they serve a unique combo -crispy Kachodi loaded with “Chole” and “Tangy Chutney”- which is made from 36 spices. They sell the Kachodi on a cycle and it is a crowded stall. People from far away come here to have the mouthwatering combo. It is popular spot for school students as there are many schools nearby. Fateh started selling Kachodis at the same place in mid-1960’s and they continue to win the hearts of people. even today. Head here and be prepared to get your hands and mouth dirty with the delicious treat.

Location: 4, Raj Niwas Marg, Ludlow Castle, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

COST: Rs. 50 for two

                                          Fateh ki kachodi - Best street food in Delhi - Street food you must try in Delhi

3. Momos – Dolma Aunty

Dolma Aunty Momos is one such outlet that has been serving their Momos to the city for a long time now and is a true paradise for every momo lover. This was perhaps the first momo stall which was started in Delhi and earlier people just shunned momos, thinking that it is half-cooked but slowly it gained popularity and is now a very popular tidbit of Delhi. Dolma Aunty’s stall is one of the most crowded stalls and this place is must be tried once. The amazing part is that she is slowly trying to spread her outlets in entire Delhi.

LOCATION: Shop 39-B, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi

COST: Rs. 100 for two

Momos - Dolma aunty - Best street food in Delhi - Street food you must try in Delhi

4. Kumar Samose Wala

Not just aloo samosa, you will get more than 22 varieties of Samosa over here and each samosa is an interesting combination. People from far away commute here to satisfy their taste buds and it is worth travelling here. They generally open the shop early in morning at 9 AM to prepare the delicious and fresh items. There have Malai Chaap Samosa, Pizza Samosa, Noodles Samosa and never ending menu. The most shocking “invention” is CHOCOLATE SAMOSA- filled with dry fruits! You must go here and of course, the myth that samosas are only filled with potatoes should now take rest.

LOCATION: 2/31 phase, 3, New Moti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110015

COST: Rs. 100 for two

Kumar Samose wala - Best street food in Delhi - Street food you must try in Delhi

5. Afghani Burger

Again, a unique combo of french fries and burger which costs just Rs. 100 and it is difficult for a single person to finish it off. It is slowly becoming famous street food item which can finish the hunger pangs. It is basically a burger made from “Afghan Roti”  and it looks more like a loaded wrap. The two most popular food items- fries and burger are combined together to satisfy our taste buds. Thanks for such a great innovation!


COST: Rs. 100 per burger

Afghani burger - Best street food in Delhi - Street food you must try in Delhi

6. Heart Shaped Tikki

List of best street food in Delhi is incomplete without “Chaat” or “Aloo Tikki”. Here comes, one of the old-street food shop which serves amazing crunchy Heart Shaped Tikki which can win anyone’s heart! The Tikki is served with tamarind chutney and the best time to taste this is the rainy season. The place is crowded enough but they still manage to serve timely.


COST: Rs. 200 for two

               Heart shaped tikki - Best street food in Delhi - Street food you must try in Delhi                                              

7. Daulat ki Chaat

I am sure most the people out there have heard about this one but never got the chance to taste it. So, first of all let’s clear out the misconception that this “Chaat” has nothing to do with salt, chilies etc as this is a sweet dish! SHOCKED? Even my reaction was the same when I got to know this. It is basically a winter dish and it truly melts in your mouth leaving it’s sweetness behind. It is easily available in Chandni Chowk and you must try this.

LOCATION: Gail Prathe Wali Naughara, Jain Temple Kinari Bazar, Old Delhi, Delhi 110006

COST: Rs. 60 approximately

                                                             Daulat ki chaat - Best street food in Delhi - Street food you must try in Delhi

I think you have heard that Delhi is a city of people with big hearts but Delhi is also a city with foodies all around. The variety as listed in the article is just a trailer and there is a big bucket list of street food available in Delhi. Delhi is a true paradise of any foodie! Head to these places and have have a delicious treat.