Best Food Places To Visit Around G.H Raisoni College, Nagpur


College Life is always happening where you get to meet new people with different experiences, learn some important lessons of your life and most importantly freedom, which you may not have experienced during your school days. Schools follow strict schedules and discipline. But college life is more fun and exciting. You get to see the world with an altogether different perspective, make new friends on your way to adulthood and last but not the least prepare yourself for a better future ahead.

College life is incomplete without fun and frolic, movies, first crush and not to forget the delicious food. College canteen is the best place to enjoy lip-smacking food with your gang and that too, at affordable prices. (a big thanks to the college authorities who understands students have limited pocket money).

Relishing the dishes served along with a tete-a tete is what I truly enjoyed with my friends during college days. I completed my graduation from Raisoni College, Kingsway, Nagpur. Most of the restaurants nearby my college had to offer a variety of fast food and street food which I relished to the core.

Best food centers near G.H Raisoni College, Nagpur

Pani Puri near VCA Complex

The street food corner near VCA complex served the best panipuris. The vendor used to make hot ragada and use it in the puris to make a hot version of Pani Puri. And of course, the mouth-watering bhel tempt your taste buds completely.


Visit Reds if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Reds have the best varieties of pastries in different flavors of chocolate, vanilla, pineapple and strawberry and fast food including sandwiches, pizza, and burgers.

Checkers and Nanking

Chinese food is quite tempting especially when you get to taste its authentic version. Try Chilli Garlic Fried Rice with Manchurian. I am sure you will love it as it is prepared by the chefs predominant in China. And do try the refreshing lemon iced tea in Checkers.

Cad B

Who doesn’t love Chocolate? Try the thick chocolate shake with grated chocolate on top of it will satisfy your taste buds completely. You can also give a try to the different versions of Cad-B, White-Cad, Night and Dark, Dry fruits which will leave you completely mesmerized. Also enjoy the snacks like chili cheese potato shots, a chocolate cheese sandwich or Maggi with cheese with your favorite Cad-B.

Lemon Juice Center

The lemon juice center in the vicinity of college premises was a treat to our weary souls especially during summers. A pinch of black salt garnished with few mint leaves on top of the tangy and refreshing lemon juice made our day.

Pav bhaji and Pulav Center

The hot and freshly prepared Bhaji served with Pav with overflowing butter is the most tempting sight to watch. The spicy Pulav at the end completes your meal. What more to ask for?
Cafe Coffee Day: It is a place where youngsters love to spend most of their time. Try cold coffee and frappe shakes in CCD along with your favorite snacks, Paneer Tikka Pizza or a Spinach corn sandwich. And of course, don’t forget to indulge yourself into a tempting treat of Belgium chocolate pastry served with whipped cream.

I am sure your taste buds must have been activated by now after reading this and you can’t wait to taste the dishes.