Best food junctions in Lucknow – The city of Nawabs


Lucknow, ‘The city of Nawabs’ is equally famous for its cuisine as it is for its culture and decorumA perfect paradise for all the foodies, the cuisine of Lucknow never fails to make your mouth water. Whether you are a resident of the place or a visitor you are always tempted to taste the food. So, if you are there at the place and are searching for some great places to munch out, then we have got your back, with the list of the food junctions in Lucknow where you can hit anytime to experience some really tasty and mouth-watering food, that will give you a taste for a lifetime!

Best Food Junctions in Lucknow

Note: We are not ranking these food junctions in lucknow because everybody’s taste is different

  • Sharma Tea Corner

This food joint offers you the best tea of the city with a special bun – butter combo that is made with delicious homemade butter spread on a special bun with raisins. Add a samosa to make a perfect breakfast for you. Believe me, once you get to start your day here you will never ever forget the feeling.

  • Sardar Ke Chole Bhature

If you want to experience the delicacy of the Punjabi culture then you must go for the Chole Bhature available at Sardar Ji’s shop. Add potato and paneer kulcha to the platter for an extra edge, and you can also pair it up with the halwa for a perfect stomach full and delicious brunch.

  • Wahid Biryani

A very famous food junction of the city, Wahid Biryani not only serves the best Biryani of the city but if you are a lover of Chicken Butter Masala and Rumali Roti then you can get ready to have an experience of a lifetime as the taste that you will get here is unique.

  • Jain Chaat Corner

If you are an ardent spicy lover then you must try out the chaat available at the Jain’s. Their thande gol gapes are so delicious that you can stuff like hundreds of them and still want more. On top of that dahi – chutney ke batashe, aloo tikki and matar chat will further make your mouth water like nothing else.

  • Prakash Kulfi

If you are a sweet tooth, then a visit to Prakash Kulfi is a must while you are in the city. This Kulfi is the most famous one in the whole city and is so good that once you get it you will always want more and more. Laced with dry fruits and the tasty falooda makes it taste just perfect!

  • Tunday Kebab

Kebabs form an important part of the Lucknawi Cuisine, so while you are in the city you must try out the kebabs. Tunday Kababi is a place that will never disappoint you and will present you with all sorts of kebabs, such as Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Kakori Kebabs, Gelawat ke Kebabs, Seekh Kebabs and Patili-ke-Kebabs.

  • Nainital Momos

Nainital Momos is a famous food junction where momos lover from all over the city gather to get a taste for a lifetime. There are several varities of momos that you can get easily over here, however, the Dragon Fire Fried momos must be tried at least once.

  • Rahem Ke Kulche

The place offers the best taste for all the local cuisine like Kulche-Nahari with Paaye, Sheermal, Kakori Kabab, Parsande and Seekh Kabab.

You must be familiar with the famous saying –

 Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow me hain’

Well, the tasty cuisine of the city may be one of the main reasons behind the fact, so if you are planning to hang out and get your stomach full with some really tasty food, then you must visit these food junctions in lucknow.

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