Best career option after 12th science except engineering – Lesser Known Career Options for a Science Student!


A science student is often assumed to have opted for engineering or medicine. This is because people think that there aren’t many career choices available to a science student. It is not necessary for a science student to opt for the most common and well-known fields but they can also explore the other fields of science stream which are less in popularity. These are the best career option after 12th science except engineering which are greater in demand and the manpower supply is relatively less. Read further to know Best career option after 12th science except engineering.

Best career option after 12th science except engineering

1. Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science -  Best career option after 12th science stream

An actuary is a professional who ascertains the financial risk and its consequences. Actuaries use math, statistics and past records to predict and study the uncertain events which are likely to take place in the future. With the growing amount of risk and uncertainties due to various political, economic and social factors, the branch of actuarial science is gaining a lot of popularity in the recent years. Actuaries need to have a strong understanding of math and business with an undergraduate degree in Actuarial science along with a specialisation in math, statistics, finance, economics or business.

2. Environment Science

Environment Science -  Best career option after 12th science stream

Environmental Scientist uses the basics of engineering, soil science, biology and chemistry to find answers and solutions to the problems related to the environment. You have to take up B.Sc in environmental science in order to work under the field of environmental science for entry-level jobs. Environmental Scientists are also involved in the jobs of recycling, waste disposal, public health and also air and water pollution control. There are various job roles in Environmental science stream which an individual can take up according to his desire and talent.

3. Geo-Informatics

Geo-Informatics -  Best career option after 12th science stream

Geo-informatics deals with the movements of the earth and its related parts. It is scientific technology emphasizing the digital connection between people, location and activities. The result can be easily shown and illustrated on a map. Geo-informatics helps to solve the problems and issues related to geo-informatics, geoscience and the related branches of engineering. It requires a B. Tech in Geo-Informatics Technology. Further, pursuing masters can increase your prospect of achieving a good position and higher salary.

4. Nuclear Science

Nuclear Science -  Best career option after 12th science stream

Nuclear science is a complex field which requires a great deal of research and extensive study. The course includes topics such as nuclear fission, thermodynamics, heat transfer and reactor analysis. The three main branches of nuclear science include Nuclear engineer, Nuclear physicist and Nuclear medicine technologist. It provides a vast career option to the interested individuals which greater amount of knowledge and hard work. After a graduate degree in nuclear science, a person can opt for further advanced and specialised concepts in this field.

5. Data Analysis

Data Analysis -  Best career option after 12th science stream

In a world of technology, the career as a data analyst is surely seen to be growing. A data analyst is a person responsible for collecting, analysing and evaluating the data according to the needs of the company. He may also be required to perform statistical analysis and give a conclusion of his findings. A data analyst is also known as a ‘junior data scientist’ since it is just one level below the post of data scientist due to the intensity and importance of his job role. An entry-level job will need a bachelor’s degree in math, statistics, computer science, information management, finance or economics.

6. Food Technology

Food Technology -  Best career option after 12th science stream

Food technology consists if the processes and techniques which are used to process and preserve the food items. A food technologist suggests the ways in which raw material should be converted into a processed product. Food Technology deals with the various chemical procedures through which the food is made available in the market. B. Tech in Food Technology is a 4-year course after which one can go for Masters in this field. Food Industry is continuously expanding and is likely to grow in the recent years thus increasing the demand for this field of study.

Career Options after B.Sc in food technology

7. Fashion Technology

Fashion Technology -  Best career option after 12th science stream

Today, fashion is considered the second largest industry in the world after agriculture. With the growing demand for new trends and developments in fashion every now and then, a special course known as B.Tech in Fashion is designed for the budding individuals. This course aims at teaching the design production management, fashion merchandising, colour mixing as well as marketing. Apart from fashion designing, the main key components of this course are apparel production, planning and control.

These lesser-known career options are the best career option after 12th science except engineering will definitely give a broader insight into your decision of choosing a perfect career for yourself other than engineering and medicine. These are the careers which require employees to work for them but students are plainly ignoring these career options or they are not aware of them. Since now you know them, you can find out more information regarding your desired career and be successful in your field.