Benefits of reading – Why should you read every day?


Why read, when you can watch? Now, this is a statement most of my friends tell me. Most of the amazing books are made into movies,  and most people prefer watching movies, rather than reading the books. The ones who have read the book will always put in the punch-line “The book was better “, and the movie lovers get annoyed. Now it’s only fair that everything a book has cannot be made into a movie, it’s not possible to fit in the contents of a 350 pages book into a 2.5 hours movie. A movie will give you the visual luxury,  but a book will do lots more. Now, this article is not to discourage you to watch movies, but to encourage you to read books by telling you the benefits of reading.

I am a reader. Since ever, I have loved reading. I am definitely that breed who prefers reading books to watching movies. Over the years,  there are various benefits of reading books that I have come across, I am going to share some of them with you,  and also guide you on how and what to read, if you want to develop the habit now.

Benefits of Reading

1. Improves basic skills

Talking about the most basic perk of reading, it improves your basic skills, such as your language, comprehension and the ability to read faster. These are attributes best developed while you are young, however, these are pivotal throughout one’s life. People who are used to reading have grasping abilities stronger and sharper than the others.

“Read faster recall more ” is a book I came across when I was in my school. I am grateful to my teacher for giving me that book, as it worked wonders for me. Two months of my summer vacations is all I gave to that book,  and I enjoy the benefits till today.

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2. Helps you understand people

Reading literally enables you to read into the minds of another person. Fictions reveal what the reality obscures. This is something we’ve all fantasized at some point or another in our lives. Maybe a fictional character,  but you get the bliss of reading into another person’s mind. You can actually understand the thought process of a human mind better and gel in with people faster. Books are mirrors of the soul.

Warren Farrell’s “Why Men are the Way they are”, is definitely a book to read in this regard.

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3. Form of entertainment

An amazing pass time. Frictional novels are available in practically every genre. You can always explore and decide your forte. The stories stupefy and charm you, both at the same time. Not everything can be shown in a movie, that’s the reason books are a greater source of entertainment.

I personally love the Divergent series and the Hunger Games. Every book of Dan Brown is excellent, Angels and Demons being my favourite. The fault in our stars is a legend in itself. The Notebook is a book that will surely touch your hearts. Gone girl is a book that will drive you insane.

If you are a parent and hope to turn your child into a book lover, you can browse through the practical tips to introduce your child with the beautiful world of books and benefits of reading.

Learn more about the benefits of reading to your kids and how to get them interested in books at Mom Loves Best.

Here is a beautiful infographic for benefits of reading to help you get started.

4. Great source of inspiration – Benefits of Reading

All of us have certain problems in life. Some problems in our surroundings and some problems within ourselves. We sometimes need a different approach to these issues, a different perspective on our problems. Books expand our minds,  they help us get a third person perspective on our problems. There are times we lose out on inspiration, humour, and adventure.  All of this can be restored by books.

Alchemist is one of the best books I’ve read. It helps you understand the importance of dreams,  and more importantly,  converting them into reality. The monk who sold his Ferrari is one book I would recommend to everyone. The subtle art of not giving a fuck is the most practical book I’ve ever read,  it gives you a realistic approach to be happy and content.

5. Provides vital information

Only reading can give you knowledge and information. There are case laws like the Harshad Mehta case,  Satyam fraud case, the PNB scam and so on which require a lot of reading to be understood. However,  in order to understand these, you must be accustomed to reading.

6. Career prospects

Reading complements writing. Many readers develop the knack for writing as well. Reading opens various other career prospects for you. It may be publishing, book critic, book reviewer and so on.

The reason for writing down this article is to convey the message that even though we are progressing and advancing in the field of technology,  books and reading cannot be replaced. Books nourish the soul. Books are a uniquely portable magic. A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. Reading can never go out of fashion.