Banking PO Last Minute Tips | What to Do to Score?


Banking Exam PO is one of the most coveted exams. As it is going to be a national level competitive examination, it must be getting on your nerves for sure. It will get you a prestigious post in a Public Sector Bank of India after all. Well, the fact cannot be denied that a banking examination does take one through an emotional turmoil a few days before it is conducted. At this point in time, one’s best bet would be to revise everything she has prepared so far. Also, you have to make sure that you are unladen so that exam stress doesn’t take a toll on you at the eleventh hour. Here are the last minute tips that will help you perform to the best of your ability in this examination:

General Tips:

  • To make the best use of your knowledge, you should try to  get at least 8 hours of sleep during these last days of your preparations.
  • Try not to pull an all-nighter a day before the examination, it may affect your ability to concentrate and can also make you unable to recall what you studied for the exam.
  • If possible, try exercising for 15 minutes every day because it gets the blood flowing. It resets your brain, increases blood flow to the brain and prepares you for critical thinking and retention.
  • Eat healthily as healthy pre-exam nutrition gives you an added edge during exam time.
  • Avoid brain blocking foods such as foods made of white flour or those that are high in refined sugar: cookies, cakes, and muffins, chocolates, desserts or candies.
  • Take the necessary documents like your admit card, photographs, stationery items .


Revision Tips: 

  • Sort the important topics into a checklist and settle on how each and every point is to be revised before appearing for the examination.
  • Do not pick up an entirely new topic during the time of revision, you will only make a botch of what you have done so far.
  • Make sure that the revision is followed by practice so it doesn’t go waste. Full-length mocks are the best to practice with during these days so, make sure that you take one every day.
  • Revise all your old notes – importannt rules,  formulae & concepts .
  • There is negative marking , so try to attempt only those questions which you are sure of .


How To Attempt The Exam:

  • Go for the examination with a proper plan so you aren’t barking the wrong trees while attempting the examination.
  • Do not stick to a single question that you are not able to solve. Without wasting any time, move forward with the next question.
  • While doing the paper do not panic . Stay calm & start with the section you are confident .
  • Do read the questions first while attempting .
  • Avoid guesswork & do the paper accurately .