Attention to key areas of an Ideal Hostel Life | 3 Things to keep in mind while living in Hostel


Fresh out of school, you’re flooded with the notions of an independent college life away from parental control and brimming with excitement and zest. Living in a hostel or a PG can be an exuberant experience, one that will make your college years memorable if you are meticulous about your living conditions and choices. Acknowledge your increased responsibility and varying roles that come along with your new-found freedom.

There are times when homesickness wrecks your peace, but you are bound to get over it and jump back on the wagon. Also, it is advisable to choose a hostel or a paying guest accommodation that is near your college, which will save you traveling time and costs; because let’s face it- we’re going to miss a lot of morning classes in the absence of parents.

Key areas of an Ideal Hostel Life


Roommate - Attention To Key Areas Of An Ideal Hostel Life

It’s always better to find yourself a roommate, it is suggestively economical and you wouldn’t have to go through those college-induced mental breakdowns alone. In addition, having moved away from home and your comfort zone, its always better to find that comfort in a person than face your fears alone. This will also solve your problems of unaffordable furniture, companionship and a completely different endeavor of having to share your space with a stranger who will turn into an inseparable part of your routinely days.


Expenses - Attention To Key Areas Of An Ideal Hostel Life

It’s imperative that you enlist your daily or weekly expenses, if you don’t want to run broke by the end of the month and starve out your days. It can be quite inviting to suddenly have more money on you than you can possibly fathom, but it’s necessary to realise how frivolous your spending can get once its unaccounted for. Therefore, a list will help you calculate your expenses, highlight the areas you need to cut back on and where you can ‘responsibly’ splurge. Savings are of utmost importance because its always smart o have some money stashed away for safekeeping in case of reckless spending, which is a common and learning mistake. This will safeguard you against the unforeseen vulnerabilities.


Hostel Food - Attention To Key Areas Of An Ideal Hostel Life

If only surviving on junk was an inexpensive and healthy option, this would not have been an inconsequential topic. As it is neither of those, those unacquainted with cooking or can’t find time to cook amidst the tedious scheduled of college, it is advisable to shift to hostels as they are most likely to provide two meals on a daily basis. If you’re living in an accommodation which serves two meals a day and you have to fend for the third one yourself, its is always better to buy groceries and cook something for yourselves rather than eating outside each day, which is bound to have adverse effects on your health and pocket.

These are some of the best years that will be etched in your memories for life, so let yourself loose and live a life that you had always dreamt of. Do those unpredictable things, take those unplanned trips and tread on them uncharted roads; because how else will you make this worthwhile?