Apps to improve English – Top Apps that will help you improve in English


In today’s world, where the world is becoming a global village, English has emerged as quite an important language. Many students have a difficulty in matching up the pace in college because they are from Hindi or some other regional medium. Even for interviews, group discussions and presentations for a job, English proficiency takes you a long way. Besides, even to crack competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, one needs to have a good vocabulary. When you talk about English, it covers reading, writing, vocabulary, and pronunciations. Here is a list of some apps to improve English.

Apps to Improve English

1. Magoosh

Magoosh is an app that will have you build vocabulary using a quiz-based format to choose the correct meaning of a word. It is based on the concept of memorizing words by repetition of information. It shows you flashcards of words until you master it. Available in basic, intermediate and advanced stages, it helps you learn more words, irrespective of where your vocabulary stands. In addition to it, the app also provides an option to know the correct pronunciation and its usage in context to sentences. It is a recommended app for students preparing for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL or SAT.

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2. Penny Dell Crosswords

Solving crosswords is a fun and engaging thing that helps you test your vocabulary and even increase it. Penny Dell Crosswords is such an app that helps you solve crosswords on your smartphone without all those hassles of striking and rubbing. The app even provides you hints if you are stuck somewhere. It is available in easy, medium and hard levels which you can choose as you wish. English doesn’t always have to be boring and this app proves it.

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3. VoLT- Vocabulary Learning

Often, improving vocabulary can be difficult simply by repetition or cramming. This app uses a different approach to help you memorize the words and their meanings. It uses videos, pictures, GIFs and funny stories to help you connect the words through visualization. Apart from just the meaning, the word’s synonyms, antonyms, and usage have also been well described.

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4. Grammarly

Grammarly is not exactly an app. It is a google chrome extension that can also be added to your phone. It helps you correct all your mistakes while writing articles or emails or even social media captions on the internet. It is beneficial for GRE and IELTS students who need to improve their English writing skills. This way, you can ensure all your written materials, be it reports for college or presentations be free from any and every grammatical error.

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5. Vocab24

This app helps you cover all the basic aspects of improving your language. It provides you daily newspaper like The Hindu and The Times of India, it has an inbuilt translator and dictionary available in Hindi and English. You can learn the pronunciation of any word just by tapping it. One of the most defining features of this app is that it helps you learn more idioms and proverbs that are often overlooked. Besides, it also provides you weekly review regarding your strong areas and the ones to improve upon.

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Hope these above apps will help you in improving your English. Feel free to share more resources to improve English in the comment section.