Animated movies for students looking for inspiration in a humorous way


Animated movies are mostly considered for children but there are few movies that strike a chord with older age groups. These movies are filled with life lessons and morals, which in the process of growing up we tend to forget. For students, it is important to recall such values and character build-up and nature depends upon it. Animated movies for students, tend to be humorous and sometimes amidst that humor the main message of these movies are lost. So, watch these movies all over again and I am sure this time you will understand the message of the movie and sit with a tissue box for some of them.

Here are 6 Animated movies for students –

1. Ratatouille

The paramount lesson we learn from this brilliant movie is  “Anyone can cook”.  But putting this into perspective, we can comprehend it’s just not about cooking. There is more to it. It conveys a message that there will be a lot of obstacles on the road, we just need to be like Remy, focus on our goals, and find out a way to succeed in them. We all our own talents. We need to figure out our strengths and sharpen them.

One of the best parts of this movie is the conversation wherein the Remi gets frustrated and it says that it is sick of pretending. He says that he pretends to be a rat for his father and a human being for Linguini. But then he realizes that he is neither a rat nor a human but a COOK.

Very often we are quick to judge people based on their physical appearances and frame our opinions on them without even looking at their abilities and talents. We need to value people on the basis of their work, deeds, and efforts.

2. Happy Feet

This movie is not only about a single lesson but it teaches you quite a bit about human(penguin) nature. For starters, the movie effectively, in a not-very-subtle way displays the perils of “Groupthink.” The movie proudly promotes the innate potential in just being yourself and refusing to change or hide your true colors.

Furthermore, Happy Feet offers some very strong illustrations of leadership, commitment, and perseverance. Being willing to stand out from the group means needs courage, its all about committing to your own self.

3. UP

This movie has 2 Academy Awards to its name along with other respectable awards and nominations. It has so many lessons to teach us. Let’s go through it one by one-

  • Adventure is out there!
  • It’s never too late, don’t ever give up on your dreams.
  • Life is all about the next step.
  • Animals are indeed our best companion.
  • Stay true to yourself and what you believe in.

4. Finding Nemo

This movie is a heart-warming movie. Lessons learned from this movie are to remember forever. The first lesson the movie teaches is something everyone knows but has ignored at least once in their life- “Listen to your parents; they just want to keep you safe”. In addition to this it also teaches parents to need to have open communication with their children, and once in a while just to give in. The movie also shows that you can make friends at most improbable situations and you never know who can help you. As we see in the movie a whole community, different kinds of fish and ocean life along with seagulls all work together to reunite Marlin with his son, Nemo.

The soul of this movie is all about family, learning to trust, and learning when it’s time to let go a little bit.

5. The Iron Giant

This movie tells us the tale of an implausible friendship between a young boy named Hogarth and a peculiar giant robot from outer space. This flick is heart-breaking and heart-warming simultaneously.

When the giant arrives on Earth from some outer space, he has no understanding of his purpose, where he is from or why he is on Earth. Self-cognizance is a battle. Life is uncertain and full of mysteries but it should not stop us from living life and attempting to ascertain our identities.

Moreover, it also teaches us not to be afraid of what we don’t apprehend.  He is misunderstood by everyone, he is a victim, and, as a result, attacked viciously. The giant is humane, but he never has the opportunity to exhibit his intentions. People have difficulty relating to things that they don’t understand, which scares them. It’s important to keep an open mind.

The iron giant, although tender-hearted, has a defense mechanism that causes him to turn into a walking weapon when attacked. But at a point when he is attacked,  the giant chooses to be the ‘good guy.’  Everyone has the prospect to be good or evil—we have the choice as to how we want to act and who we want to become.

6. Frozen

Saying Frozen is a successful movie will be an understatement. With a box office earnings of about one billion dollars, two Academy Awards, and a powerful soundtrack it is still winning hearts of many people. But apart from the quantifiable success achieved by the animated film, what really made people reverberate with Frozen is the life lessons it depicted.

  • Family comes first.
  • Never apologize for being yourself.
  • Just because people shut you out doesn’t mean they hate you.
  • The need for self-control
  • Channel your emotions in a constructive manner.
  • Allow yourself to dream.
  • Relationships take a lot of work.
  • True love has different faces.

These movies are entertaining and some of them will have you crying and smiling at the same time by the end of it. But the lessons you learn from them, you will carry them throughout your life. Such is the impact of these movies.