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Aviation Industry has continued to grow over the past few decades and it will continue to develop and upgrade itself in the recent years because of the need to travel quickly and comfortably. Subsequently, this growth has been seen all around the world as well as in India giving new opportunities to the students and aspiring individuals to build up a career in the aviation industry. While becoming a pilot has its own perks and pride, it involves a huge amount of dedication, hard work and practise. Therefore, people also consider the career as an Air Traffic Controller

Who is an Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controller

  • An Air Traffic Controller, also known as an “ATC” is a person responsible for the safe landing, taxing and take off of an aeroplane. He is also known as the eyes and ears of a pilot.
  • He guides and controls the movement of the aeroplanes, giving clear instructions to the pilot about the various conditions under which a pilot flies his plane.
  • He coordinates the position of the aeroplanes in the sky as well as on the ground in order to prevent collision between them.
  • Air Traffic Controllers generally work in teams. They are given the responsibility of guiding the planes as soon as they enter the airspace of their airport and till the time any plane leaves their airspace.
  • Their duties include communicating with the pilot for the safe landing and take off of aircraft on the directed runway, instructing them to change their altitude, delaying their landing, convey the weather conditions and to make sure that the aircrafts in the sky are at a safe distance from each other.

Qualities to be possessed to be an ATC

Qualities- All you need to know Career as an Air Traffic Controller

  • An ATC should be a hard-working person with a strong presence of mind since he has to be extremely cautious in the work that he is performing.
  • He should have a calm and peaceful mind since his work involves a great deal of concentration and focus.
  • An ATC should be able to make quick and accurate decisions as the pilot will rely upon his guidance. Therefore, he has the responsibility of hundreds of lives which are flying because of his instructions.
  • An ATC should have the fluency in speaking English. He should possess excellent communication skills so that his language and instructions are easily understood by the pilot.
  • He should be able to work under pressure making the correct decisions. The place where an ATC works is usually an office where many people share the same room. Therefore, his dedication and focus level should be brilliant.
  • At busy airports, an ATC has to make efforts for the timely departure and arrival of the aeroplanes so as to minimise the delays and ensure the perfect working of the airport. Therefore, he should have the required leadership and problem-solving quality.

Technical Qualification required

Technical Qualifications required - All you need to know Career as an Air Traffic Controller

  • Regular full-time Bachelors degree in Science (B.Sc) in Physics and Maths. Required percentage – 60% and above.


  • Regular full-time Bachelors degree in Engineering/ Technology in any discipline. (Electronics and Telecommunication discipline is preferred). Required percentage – 60% and above.

Expected Salary

The salary of an ATC in India starts from around Rs. 25000 per month and it goes beyond Rs.60000 per month depending upon your experience and designation.

However, the developed nations of The USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and others offer a much higher pay of US $70000 per annum and above to an Air Traffic Controller.

Life as an ATC (Air Traffic Controller)

Technical Qualifications required - All you need to know Career as an Air Traffic Controller

The life of an ATC can be quite monotonous because of the uniformity of the work carried out by him every day. Their job involves working for long hours wearing earphones and giving instructions to the pilots continuously for the landing and take off of the aircraft which can be stressful at times as they have thousands of lives in their hands each day.

Air traffic controllers are advised to find jobs in larger and busier airports since their payscale depends upon the size and business of the airport for which they are working.

However, the job of an ATC is quite stable because of the rise in the number of airports and air travel. People resort for quick travelling since they wish to save their time and effort and as a result, there are a growing number of flights each day. To have an eye on each aircraft efficiently, there will always be room for qualified air traffic controllers in major and busy airports. ATCs will always have their jobs secured and they will never be laid off easily. The positions of an ATC will always be open for budding individuals since the aviation industry is expected to grow in the years ahead.

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