All you need to know about a career in Hotel Management


With the development in the communication and technology industry all around the world, the world is gradually becoming smaller. As a result, it has given a push to the tourism and hotel industry. The demands for serving the tourists with the appealing decor, exemplary services and the mouth-watering delicacies have increased the prospect of the career of hotel management. The people opting for hotel management are trained to cater to the needs of their clients, be on their best behaviour and be calm and courteous in all the situations no matter what happens at their workplace. Read this article to know more about the career in hotel management which will give you great exposure, excitement, remuneration and lavish lifestyle.

Career in Hotel Management

What is Hotel Management?

  • The meaning of the word ‘Hotel Management’ is quite self-explanatory which highlights all the functions and processes through which a hotel or a restaurant is run and managed.
  • It contains a variety of job roles which have their own major part in handling all the work related to the hotel. They include-
  • The hotel managers and the front office managers are responsible for the functioning of the various aspects of a hotel including all the financial and the services given to the guests. They oversee the day to day operations of the hotel and solve the problems and emergencies in the hotel. They follow the orders of the top management and ensure that the activities of the hotel are running smoothly.
  • The catering department includes the executive chefs, food and beverage manager, restaurant and food service managers, banquet managers etc. They are the ones who are responsible for the delicious food cooked and served. Their team effort and skills enable the guests to have the best experience as far as the food of the hotel is concerned.
  • The housekeeping department is trained to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the hotel including the guests’ rooms, banquet halls and meeting halls. A housekeeper may have shifts according to his working schedule as such people are needed round the clock.
  • The Accounts department includes the chief accountant, clerks, auditors and cashiers who record the in and out of money related to the workings of the hotel.
  • The marketing department comes up with new methods and projections due to which there would be a rise in the profitability of the hotel.
  • The human resources department is the most important while a hotel is concerned. The employees are the one who runs the hotel and therefore qualitative workforce should be employed which won’t cause any problem for the guests. If an employee is efficient enough, it makes the guests happy and they would love to visit the same place next time.

Qualities to be Possessed

Qualities to be possessed - Career in Hotel Management

  • The qualities and attributes required for the different departments which run a hotel are different according to the demand of their job roles.
  • But as a whole, a person is required to have a strong attitude and personality.
  • He should be liked by all his colleagues and guests which in turn would improve the efficiency of the hotel.
  • He should have the capacity to work under pressure and also in extreme conditions and extra shifts.
  • He should possess team spirit and unity in working for the hotel and for that the person needs to have an outgoing and pleasant personality.
  • He should have good communication skills and should maintain self-discipline in order to present himself in a professional yet amicable way in front of his colleagues and hotel guests.

Technical Qualification required to pursue a career in hotel management

Technical qualifications required - Career in Hotel Management

  • Students can go for a hotel management graduate course soon after his 10+2 studies with a requirement of 50% minimum percentage in 12th grade.
  • Students who have scored below 50% in 10+2 studies can go for a certificate or a diploma course in hotel management which are offered by various institutes in India.
  • Some hotel management institutes even provide training cum job placement which is very beneficial for the candidates as they do not have to worry to look for a job after their course is completed.
  • Some of the hotel management institutes in India conduct entrance exams for candidates who wish to pursue the hotel management course.
  • A person can also go for Masters in Hotel Management once they have completed their Bachelors for greater career prospects.

Top Hotel Management Institutes

  • Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development – Delhi
  • Institute of Hotel Management – Mumbai, Delhi, Aurangabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad
  • Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Management – Manipal
  • Christ College – Bangalore
  • Dr Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management – Chandigarh

Salary prospects

Salary prospects - Career in Hotel Management

  • Candidates who come from top-notch hotel management institutes with a bachelors qualification get a starting salary of Rs.20000 or more per month.
  • However, a certificate or diploma holder may get a starting salary of Rs. 10000 or more.
  • The pay scale and remuneration in this field largely depends upon your communication skills, problem-solving capability, work experience and the institute from which the candidate has passed out.
  • After gaining a considerable work experience, the top hotel chains offer a yearly package of around 10-20 lacs per annum.

How is Life after pursuing hotel management?

How is life after pursuing hotel management - Career in Hotel Management

  • With an increase in the aviation, transport and tourism industry, the hotel industry also expands providing room for more employees as a part to provide the best services to the tourists and guests.
  • Therefore, the demand for such graduates is more and the supply is less. Taking advantage of the situation, a candidate can always demand a higher salary than offered.
  • When you work for a hotel, your life can be hectic due to the odd working hours, rude responses from customers as well as the constant pressure of being presentable.
  • But once you have mastered the art of working in a hotel, have understood your job role and the tricks to keep your top management and your customers happy, you can grow and prosper to great heights and can be entitled to have a fair and high remuneration.

Since now you know everything about this fascinating career, you can showcase your talent and progress in this unique career with your excellent capabilities and calibre.

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