Add Fuel To Your Learning Style | Tips to improve your learning process


Having trouble in learning new information?  Don’t worry, that happens with me too.

Do you tend to forget what you read last night? Oh, I always fall into this category.

Have to present a topic in the morning, and still not ready? Last minute preparation.. count me.

So here are are few tips that  I have used personally, and will definitely help you learn thing faster and also help you retain them. With these simple tricks, you can achieve success and those amazing grades you always wanted.

1. Break it down

Skim through your material and break it into chunks which can be stored easily. Now connect them using a mnemonic or a story. This way you tend to remember your material better. We tend to remember stories and experiences more than textual information we consume.

2. Focus on one topic

Now that you’re breaking the material into chunks, focus on only one chunk at a time. Try to understand the content completely. Try to avoid skimming through the chunk.

3. Embrace mistakes

Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Learn from them instead. Don’t cover your mistakes. Instead, embrace them. Identify and rectify your loopholes. To identify your mistakes, reach out to your mentor, seniors or close friends. Mentor plays a crucial role in our life.

4. Short study sessions

Try to keep your study session short and brief. Studying for 30-50 mins with a 10 mins break is one best way to retain maximum information. It is better to have your study session spread over a week, rather than have a day of cramming.

5. Track yourself

Set goals for each study session. Analyse your progress every week. If you are going out of the track, pull yourself back by thinking about why you started this in the first place.

6.  Quiz time

It is often better to test your knowledge. It is one of the best way to identify your strengths and weakness. Take a quiz after each chunk or study session.

7. Teach others

Teaching others helps in understanding the concept in greater depths. It is all suggested that imaging as if you are going to teach a topic, before sitting down to study helps in better understanding of the material.

8. Plan

Make a to-do list, and plan your study week ahead. This helps you stay motivated. And also reminds you of your duties.

Therefore, it is not hard to learn something. All you need is some motivation and some input. With a combination of both, you can reach success.  Always push yourself because no one is going to do it for you. And trust me this will improve your grades by heaps and bounds.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.