How to balance relationships in your life? Living a happy life with relationships


“Relationships are the purest form of greed which is accepted worldwide.”

There have been dramatic changes in the globe for past 20 years. The world we live in today has extended its living to yet another level. There are significant changes in the culture, tradition, languages, behavior, mindset and above all, in the relationships. The relationships are complicated and there is a need to learn how to balance relationships in your life?

What exactly are relationships?

People say relationships are hard to define like defining the essence of a flower or the smell emerging from the earth when raindrops touch it for the very first time. Relationships don’t protect you throughout your life, yet they are enough to comfort you and make you believe that everything would be fine and stable.

“Every one of us is an Architect, We build Relationships.”

We build relationships-How to balance relationships in your life?

What is a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship How to balance relationships in your life


When we say ‘Healthy relationship’, automatically a pop-up menu appears in our mind listing the factors responsible for it and presenting us with the scenario. A healthy relationship is a relationship with a complete understanding, trust, faith, inter-dependency. As long as the conditions are favorable, a relation will continue to flourish more and more with the time.

Why do we need to balance relationships?

Everyone in the vast world holds relations, if not with humans, then with the Supreme Power. Maintaining relationships is a challenge which everyone has to overcome in life. Sometimes, we get frustrated and depressed from our situations and start blaming other people. It is important to note that “relations are not the cause, they are the solutions “. Simply getting over it won’t give you a positive result. You have to learn how to balance them and stabilize yourself according to them. We need to balance relationships because they are all about partnership. They form the support in life and fixes and our missing pieces together.

Partnership- How to balance relationships in your life

We can imagine relationships as an invisible string between two individuals which holds them together. The force with which you hold that string is important. If one of the individuals tries to pull it with a force, the person on the other side will find it too difficult to hold on and will eventually leave. If you try to loosen it for the sake of the other person, the person on the next side will feel avoided and for-granted, and misunderstandings may occur leading to degradation of the relation. It is, therefore, necessary to balance the relationships and handle them with care.

How to balance Relationships?

You might try some of these if you are dealing with the problem of unbalanced relationships:

Time and space: One should always maintain space with the other individual to give them their sort of freedom. Time plays a vital role. Try to find some time from your busy schedule and provide relaxation to the relation.

Lack of attention: Sometimes we get busy with our work due to which we fail to heed attention to our loved ones and their actions. Giving attention is important, especially to the ones who have been craving for it.

Acceptance: It is the most crucial factor. Accepting them the way they are eases the relation to a great extent. However, acceptance is very hard. We fail to accept the things which don’t turn out the way we want, leading to the destruction of the castle of expectations we had built. ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Expectation’ are different. Realizing it quickly is best for you.

Communication: Almost all the mishaps take place because you don’t talk. Communication is the best way to eradicate the problems emerging in a relation. ‘Speak it Out, Speak it Loud’, is the policy you should always follow. Don’t keep thing to just yourself, let the other person know the suffering and pain you are going through. It will help you to a great extent.

How to balance relationships in your life

“Relations are just like a tree. They depend on the inputs and effort you do to make them live longer.”