A day in the life of a college student – Not less than a roller coaster ride


Most of the fabulous and meaningless, but humorous stories are manufactured in the college days. The people we spend our lives with, our closest friends and the unforgettable splendid experiences come together to bring out the best in us. The trips, the mischiefs, standing in line for food, our friends mimicking us for the whole day and countless other souvenirs run down through the memory lane. School children often wonder how it is to be a college student, they have so much fun. Well, no my 9th grader brother, a day in the life of a college student is nothing less to a roller coaster.

Walkthrough of a day in the life of a college student

The tough and lazy morning

The alarm clock ringing, the sound of steps in the corridor and sunlight through the window, every small part of my room tries to wake me up on a weekday. We, teenagers, have a habit of checking our phones even before getting up from the bed. Well, when it shows 7:50 am and everyone in the room is asleep, and the attendance percentage is just on the borderline, the Adrenaline just kicks in, I guess. Just by even whispering the time to any one person wakes the other three. And you know how the process of getting ready goes then, sitting in the class at 8:00 am!. We definitely think more than a superhero of ourselves. Not even bluffing, whatever is impossible in the real world is practically and successfully testified by the college-going human beings.

The Classes

So, this is the ironical part. Waiting for the faculty to come late. Yes, Of course, getting messages from friends to put their proxies and asking the people sitting beside us (who we never even saw before), if we have any submissions today.

The faculty enters into the class. The professors in college are usually quick to anger and slow to laugh. For your information,  in college lectures, students don’t follow the sacred ritual of singing ‘Good Morniiiiingg Teacher… ‘.They are too busy yawning( A chronic disease which generally gets active during lecture hours), except the few first benchers, who probably maintain 100 percent attendance.

The smart teaching system is sort of a close friend to us. The projector takes 15 minutes to get on, which acts as a panacea to the yawners and decreases the lecture time. That one student exists in every class, who, after every difficulty, manages to reach the class at the last minute but sleeps during attendance.  Backbenchers gossip, the front ones do not take their eyes off (peruse over) the board for even a single second and the middle ones, they are just too busy discussing that their life is a mess.

The Breaks

The timetable in colleges is more like a chessboard than a regular schedule.  A one hour break, two lectures, half an hour break, a lab, lunch time and then continuous labs again. We wish we could have a break from such breaks. 


Hungry as hell, you know, eating breakfast is a royalty. Praying hard that lunch has at least something we can chew on. The dal never looks like dal,  we can play a “Guess me” game with the vegetables and wait, the green salad has no amount of greenery in it. This happens in every hostel. This is the time when you miss your mom’s food more than anything else.

Eating outside means spending money. We are broke at the starting of the month only, no matter how much we had in our pocket.

The Ineffable dusk

The not so normal, joyful and amusing evenings embraced alluring occasions.  The clubs and chapters in colleges have to follow certain rules and regulations. The workshops and conferences are managed and sponsored by startups and multinational companies. The campus is filled with colors, there are gaggles everywhere. Club meetings, cake cuttings, and parties have their special area. While walking around, you can hear birthday songs, birds chirping and the guards whistling for the students not to settle on the roads, who obviously shut their ears off.

Every minute passing, creating its own memory and holding the charismatic sequence of events altogether. The gloomy sky, dusty roads leading the army of sophisticated sophomores to the hostels. The dinner brings friends together( No no, not to the mess, the hidden kettle and maggie packets march outside the bags). The left out (especially saved) oregano packets are used for this elegant delicacy.

The Senseless Late Night Conversations

This usually ends the tiring and adventurous day for the geeks as well as the extraordinary prodigious morons and the cycle begins again with all of them waiting for the vacations.

The End of the day

The End, which is logically the beginning of an adventurous voyage with a bunch of idiots to cope up with the ups and downs of life. Every college going student can write a book about the life there. Huge problems become evitable with friends laughing around. We get a new family away from our family there, a new life and a better self