A beginner’s guide to Public Speaking | Tips to speak in public confidently


Public speaking always has been a challenge for many. However, nowadays, it has become important for one to be able to speak or convey their ideas in front of others clearly. Be it a group discussion or a class presentation, good public speaking skills always help you leave a strong and healthy impression in front of everyone. The key to good speaking skills is always practice. However, there are a few points that one must keep in mind while developing the content of the speech as well as while presenting it to the crowd.

A Beginner’s guide to public speaking

1. Know your Audience

Know your audience - A beginner's guide to Public Speaking - Tips to speak in public confidently

The audience is a crucial part of the presentation. If they are your classmates, you can keep your speech a bit light and add instances which are relatable. If you have to present in front of a room full of strangers, you might want to replace the informal greetings with the more formal ones and do a bit of research studying their background and what they expect you to deliver. Once you know your audience, you can prepare or modify the content accordingly.

2. Begin confidently

Begin Confidently - A beginner's guide to Public Speaking - Tips to speak in public confidently

The way you begin defines largely upon how your audience shall respond to you. Thus, one should begin confidently – providing a preview of your content and backing it up with quotes or short stories.

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3. Keep your sentences short

Keep your sentences short - A beginner's guide to Public Speaking - Tips to speak in public confidently

Speaking in short sentences has a lot of advantages. It reduces your chances of grammatical errors. Besides, often people lose their link in longer sentences. Moreover, shorter sentences would even help you grasp the speech better.

4. Try humor or short stories

Try humor or short stories - A beginner's guide to Public Speaking - Tips to speak in public confidently

Generally, when you are delivering content regarding technical or informative stuff, it may so happen that your audience might not be able to catch up with your pace. Stories, instances as well as personal experiences help you regain the attention of the crowd and you can proceed with renewed energy. Humour, on the other hand, can be a tricky thing to work with but if you are successful in adding appropriate funny instances or jokes to your speech, it will relax as well as warm your audience like no other.

5. Eye contact

Maintaining an eye contact with your audience is indeed very important. It keeps your audience engaged. Most people choose a stationary spot or a wall in the room and deliver the entire speech just by staring at it. If you are uncomfortable making direct eye contacts, choose four to five spots in the room and speak by looking at them alternatively. Thus, moving your eyes across the room.

6. Conclude positively

Conclude Positively - A beginner's guide to Public Speaking - Tips to speak in public confidently

The conclusion is a significant part where you wrap up your speech and say something that makes it stay with the audience. Try adding a little advice or a lesson at the conclusion or simply make powerful statements in order to leave a firm and lasting impression. Once you finish your speech, wait for a while, ask for questions if any and then, walk back smartly to your seat.

7. Practice

A good speech is the one that is spoken clearly and with poise. One needs to be fluent with the pronunciations and undertones of the words which is something you can build over only by practicing multiple times. People often recommend practicing in front of the mirror so it helps you develop gestures and expressions according to your content. You can also practice it in front of your colleagues or friends or family members and ask for their honest reviews regarding things you can improve upon.

8. Stay Relaxed

Lastly, no matter how well is your content or your hold over the language, one thing that stands upon it all it is your confidence. It is important to realize that its okay to make mistakes and stay relaxed irrespective of the circumstances. Think only of the positive.

Confidence is the key to public speaking, and if you master this art of public speaking then the benefits are endless. From marketers to politicians, public speaking is essential in whatever field you may be.