8 Time management tips to boost your productivity


These days we are always in a hurry either to win the race or just be apart of it. And what do we end in ?!  Loads of confusion and waste of time.  We often tend to go unproductive and out focus. As we always look at the big picture, but we forget that the small steps we take today will make the big picture. But unfortunately, we don’t seem to enough time for everything we want to achieve.  Here are a few tips which will help you get the most out of your day.

8 Time management tips to boost your pr0ductivity

1. Learn to say ‘NO’

This is an important thing to practice. We often add a lot thing in our small life, this makes things complicated and leaves no time for what we actually need to do. So next time a friend invites you for a lunch, and you have the assignment to finish, say” No! Maybe next time.”

2. Prioritise

Put important things first.  Make sure you are able to meet deadlines beforehand. This way you can get rid of last minute crams and unwanted stress.

3. Set Goals

Break your tasks into mini goals. This way you can keep track of your progress. Setting up goals to grow in career and acquiring relevant skills helps in planning out the life.

4. Take Breaks

Do rest and take frequent breaks, this will help your mind relax and create new wires of thoughts.

5. Be Realistic

If you want to finish a novel, you just cannot finish it in 2 hours. Instead, you can read 30 pages a day and you will be done in a week.

6. Know your limits

So you promise to organize an event this weekend, and you also invite your friends home the same day. This is just not happening. Don’t put many things on yourself, when you are aware that it is nearly impossible.

7. Focus

When you are working on a topic, focus just on it. Shut down any other thought. Do not think of its outcome. Just give it your best.

8. Minimize Distraction

These devils can be simple as flowing thoughts or big ones like social media. Just get down to the roots,  and cut them down.

So in order to win the race of time, make it your friend.  Use the above strategies and make a better living. Use it wisely on what may compliment you. Many ideas will help but don’t go with the flow and forget your aim. Everyone has plenty to contribute to, but choose yours wisely.