7 Tips to improve english communication skills | Tips to communicate effectively in English


Not from an English medium school? Facing problem in college? There are many students in college who are incapable of communicating in English.  There are some students who come from different medium schools i.e. Telugu, Marathi, and Tamil etc. Students migrating to other countries to pursue education also face difficulty in speaking English if they do not belong to an English speaking country. For example Russia, Germany, South Africa etc. Students also face problem while writing their exams as they are not good in sentence formation. So here are some tips to improve English communication skills.

Tips to improve English communication skills

7 Tips to improve english communication skills | Tips to communicate effectively in English

1. Newspaper

A newspaper is known to be a very fine and trusted source of information. Reading a newspaper daily would help you to improve your vocabulary and will also increase your general knowledge. At the initial stage starts with reading headlines in the paper that come in bold letters for one week. The second weeks try reading the paragraph under the headline. Do not go for big paragraphs start reading from small ones.

2. Books

Develop a habit of reading books. It might be possible that you might find difficulty in reading coursework books and understand them. You can overcome this problem by making a habit of reading novels. Start by reading novels or books which have short stories. It would be easy for you to have the connectivity in reading and you will also find it interesting.

3. Movies

To start speaking with your colleagues or professors you might find it difficult at an initial stage, this could be overcome by watching movies. It is often observed that the best way to learn to communicate in any language it to listen to it. Watch English movies with subtitles in the language you understand well. Make it a practice for twice a week. This will help you in speaking.

4. Never Hesitate

It is common for an individual to hesitate when he/ she finds it difficult to speak in any language. We often fear that people might make fun of us, but never hesitate to speak even though you become a source of fun. Keep practicing until you learn it properly.

5. Speak in front of a mirror

If you find difficult to start speaking in English, go stand in front of a mirror for about 10 to 15 minutes this would help you in overcoming your fear in front of people. When you speak in front of the mirror you can judge yourself and correct.

6. Note down

Maintain a book or a diary for writing. Write down new words and their meanings in your diary. Make it a daily habit. This will improve your vocabulary and help you in sentence formation. You will be able to use words in an appropriate manner as required.

7. Participate

Try participating in competitions in your colleges such as debate, just a minute session, and group discussion. This will help you in improving your public speaking skills and also you can observe other students how they talk and learn.

 Keep practicing these tips in your day to day life, you will notice changes. “Try and try until you succeed.” Self-motivation is the key technique to keep in mind while learning new things. Do remember failure are stepping stones to success.

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