7 Study Hacks that will help you ace your college exams


Exams, the word brings a lot of hectic and tiring workload in the life of every student be it a topper or an average. Studying thoroughly or memorizing things all the time is not the solution to this burden rather it would increase it into their lives. Following are some of the study hacks which will definitely help you to not only reduce the burden but also clear these exams with an excellent percentage.

Be efficient in College

Study Hacks to help you ace your college exams

Avoid End Moment Preparation

This is the issue with the majority of students. Keeping the book inside the shelf for months then opening it just a few weeks before the exams will surely bring stress and workload into the minds of students. So it is always advisable to study regularly in order to score well along with maintaining the daily routine of your college days.

Teacher’s Notes

Mostly, It is seen that in the exams, most of the questions asked belong to what teacher taught in the class. So, keep a track of all the class teachings too and taking tips from the teachers will surely help a lot.

Right Study Material

It is very important to choose the right study material which suits your ability and IQ. There are plenty of books in the market belonging to the same subject or topic, but one should be able to choose the right material in order to clear your concepts. Internet sources,  online study or group study should be avoided so that distraction is avoided. Studying through internet sources though might be helpful but can utilize one’s a lot of precious time too.

Studying Smartly

Here, studying smartly means studying concepts in an efficient manner so that things become memorable for a longer time. While studying, make key points of any topic/concept so that you are able to give a detailed description of any topic/concept on your own using those key points. For numerical problems, one should not only memorize the formulas but also derive them on their own so as to keep them in mind for longer.

Practice, practice, and practice

Anything in life can be achieved with true dedication and constant efforts. It is recommended to solve previous years papers and the sample questions given in the study material by self thoroughly. Keeping a track of time along with solving problems help you a lot to build your exam strength.

Exam Pattern

It is also advisable to make yourself familiar with the exam pattern and the distribution of marks according to the question type(short, medium, long answer). This gives you a fair idea about how to devote your time during the exam.

Presentation in the answer sheet

Presentation plays a very important role. It becomes very impressive about the student who writes neatly, highlights important points in his/her answer sheet. Untidy work in the answer sheets will distract the examiner. Also, while writing the answers, make sure that one should answer what the question says, don’t deviate from the question. If you don’t know the answer to any question, don’t leave it blank instead write something relevant to it, nothing outside the question asked. Also, in numerical questions, if you are unable to answer them, make sure you write the formula.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips with your utmost dedication, definitely you will get success in your exams. Always remember that there are no shortcuts to success, only patience, practice and perseverance works. These tips are very common and most important ones which are applicable to all the exams be it your semester exams or competitive exams. So, believe in yourself and follow these most recommended hacks to crack even the most difficult exams in your journey.