7 Inspiring Bollywood songs that will inspire you to work hard


Music can connect to the feeling very easily when it comes to Bollywood music, we have various types of songs in the movies.  Bollywood is very close to our heart, While traveling you listen to Bollywood music, when you are sad you are listening to Bollywood songs. then why not listen to Inspiring Bollywood Songs before studying for the tough subject?

Here are some of the best inspiring Bollywood songs

1. Aashayein from Iqbal

This movie and song are all about chasing your dreams, no matter what the obstacles. This is the best track for students. You will feel the power in the body to achieve something in your life.  It will give you the strength to study hard and work hard to achieve your goals. If you are seeing your life is going nowhere while achieving your goal then it is a must-listen song.

2.  Kholo Kholo from Taare Zameen Par

Depressed in your life because of pressure ? Listen to this song, It will help you to lift up the mood. Studying for an exam for a whole day can increase stress and pressure, listening to this song can vanish your stress. This song is about overcoming difficulties, It’ll definitely motivate you for studying.

3. Parwah Nahin from M. S. Dhoni – The Untold Story

Study for the exams now and you will forget about Parwah. It will increase your hunger to learn more and achieve more. This rock song portrays courage, the courage to do something.

4. Sapno Se Bhare Naina from Luck By Chance

This song is motivational not only in studies but also in the further life.  Keep this song in repeat mode before going to studies and definitely, it will remind you of your goals. No matter how much difficulties you face or how far you have to go. Never Give up. You’ll get your goal one day.

5.  Lakshya Title Track from Lakshya

Want to feel energetic? then Listen to this song now and You’ll be ready for all struggles in your life while reaching to your destination. Chase your dreams, always.

6.  Aaj Kal Zindagi from Wake Up Sid

Want to be happy before going to studies? then you must listen to this song, It will keep you going. The movie and song are equally inspirational for students. Feel the positivity around, Love your life the way it is.

7.  Ziddi Dil from Mary Kom

Waking up early in the morning for school or college?  then, set this song to your morning tone.  It will boost you up to achieve your dreams.  Take your challenges, go ahead and make your parents proud.  Facing the difficulties end up giving more power, study more and forget about the easiness. Remember, What becomes difficult becomes the best.

Listen to these Bollywood Inspiring Songs which will wash away your exam stress and pressure in minutes. where words fail, music speaks and listen to your heart. We procrastinate things but hard work pays off in the long run, not laziness!  Do not study hard but study smart, make your dreams happen.  Begin your Study journey with a purpose in your mind to achieve your desired goals. Make sure, you are perseverant in this whole journey.

All the best!