How to be efficient in college? 7 hacks for students to be efficient in college


Still following the ‘Insomniac’ routine? then you need to get out of it immediately, to live a better college life. It’s better to do something than nothing in your life. It is high time now to do all the things you have ever wanted, it is time now to say goodbye to procrastination. There are many times when due to an infinite number of reasons, we as college students are unable to submit our assignments, study for college tests and just are unable to do things on time. This inefficiency will not be tolerated in life, to be successful one has to be efficient. Here are 8 hacks on how to be efficient in college?

How to be efficient in college?

Start Preparing Early

Imagine that, you have 30 seconds for completing the task and you’ll end up doing the whole task. Procrastination makes our body and minds lazy, It’s better to start preparing early on your goals for the betterment of your future; for example, Teacher gives an assignment and the deadline is on Monday, you start your assignment completion on the day before submission, this leads to stress and anger. Start preparing early for the assignments and exams, this habit will surely help you to live a better college life.

Remember one thing, Don’t let the little things distract you.

Get Enough Sleep

This is the most cliched yet most effective habit to improve the lifestyle. Usually, we take sleep for granted, students proudly says that they didn’t sleep because of studies. Not getting enough sleep is like a slow poison, it’ll not affect you right now. Go, set your alarm and get sleep for at least 7 hours to increase memory power and to be happier.

Spend more time with your family

I know, It feels good to hang out with best friends after finishing the classes but let’snot forget the fact that at the end of the day your parents are with you, So try to spend time with them, Talk with them share your opinions and happenings with them and you will get to something to learn from them. Never think that they are giving a lecture or something, your parents always want you to be good and do good!

Stop blaming and start doing

A day starts with a snoozing alarm, you are probably going to miss the lectures, then you start blaming yourself. Now rewind the situation. you wake up early in the morning and attend the lectures, you feel happy because you get the attendance.

Ask yourself a question, How is it hard to wake up? That’s what I am trying to say, stop blaming the situation or people and start doing to change the situation.

Self Help Advice for College Students

Don’t watch Television for more than 30 minutes

Television is an idiot box unless you use it to gain knowledge about something interesting. Watch T.V. to know what’s happening in the world and sometimes it’s fine to watch movies or music to give yourself a break from study or work. Don’t exceed it more than 30 minutes or else you will end up watching movies for the whole day.

Say ‘Yes’ to Homemade Food

“Oh no! Aaj Karele ki sabzi? I don’t want to eat this!”

It can be difficult to follow this habit because street food is becoming popular day by day. What I noticed that Indian food is more healthy for our body, you will never become sick eating homemade food, the roti and sabzi has its nutrients to make your body more strong and healthy. Sometimes, you can eat street food to relish your taste buds.

Break the relationship with your bed

It will be tough to jump out of the bed in this rainy mornings but staying in your bed won’t take you anywhere unless you take a step for a better future. To become something in your life, breaking the relationship with your bed is a good decision to take without any regret.