7 famous Indian YouTube personalities every college student should know about


We all have been hooked to YouTube for years. It is one of the most prominent sources of fun and entertainment. For the past few years, YouTube has developed much and the type of videos one can find on YouTube differs significantly. Social media now is primarily known for Vines and comedies led by some famous youtube personalities.

Here are some of the famous Indian YouTube personalities along with their channels which one would like to watch and subscribe:

1.   Bhuvan Bam

  Bhuvan Bam - 7 Famous Indian YouTube personalities

The channel with the highest subscribers count in India, ‘BB Ki vines’ is made by Bhuvan Bam. The estimated subscribers are 8.2 million. It is the only channel in India with such a high rating. His videos have loads of humour, fun and entertainment. He also travels around the world and makes vlogs too. Most of his videos are often seem as Trending on YouTube. He is the first Indian Viner on YouTube. He has also been on the stage of TedX and had delivered a motivational speech.

Youtube Channel: Bhuvan Bam

2. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana - 7 Famous Indian YouTube personalities

‘Amit Bhadana’, a channel with a count of approximately 7.3 million subscribers. The show is hosted by Amit Bhadana who is the second most popular YouTubber after Bhuvan Bam. His channel was the first to have 1 million likes on a video. The content of the videos is quite clean and can be viewed by a person of any age. He doesn’t earn a single penny from his videos and makes them solely for entertainment.

Youtube Channel: Amit Bhadana

3.  Ashish Chanchalani

Ashish Chanchlani - 7 Famous Indian YouTube personalities

With the current estimate of 5.4 million subscribers,  ‘Ashish Chanchalani Vines’ is one of the most popular channels on YouTube,  hosted by Ashish Chanchalani and his team. The shows contain lot of fun and entertainment. He has been awarded for two consecutive years in a row by IWM Digital awards for Viral King of the year 2017 and Viral Video of the year 2017.

Youtube Channel: Ashish Chanchalani Vines

4. Nikhil Anil Sharma

Nikhil Anil Sharma - 7 Famous Indian YouTube personalities

‘Mumbiker Nikhil’ is a very famous Vlogging channel on YouTube with a count of 1.3 million subscribers. The show is led by a motto-cum-lifestyle vlogger Nikhil Anil Sharma, a much-known name among bikers and vlogger. He is a digital media influencer and is a promoter for various brands like Asus, Mivi digital, etc. The show consists of travel and tourism, adventure, motor vlogging, lifestyle vlogging.

Youtube Channel: Mumbiker Nikhil

5.    Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary - 7 Famous Indian YouTube personalities

An alternative channel of a famous YouTube channel ‘Technical Guruji’, ‘Gaurav Chaudhary’ is led by Gaurav Chaudhary in which he explores the world around him, he adventures and travels throughout the world. The channel has currently 910k subscribers. He is regular with his vlogs, and his vlogs surely a pack of fun and entertainment. The Youtuber makes sure to motivate the youth with his speeches and is very well known for his collaborations with other youtubers.

Youtube Channel: Technical Guruji

6. Prasad Ved Pathak               

Prasad Ved Pathak - 7 Famous Indian YouTube personalities

A famous vlogging channel UIC vlogs are led by Prasad Ved Pathak. The vlogs are aired every Tuesday and Friday. The show consists of fun and humour. The show explores various famous places of Mumbai and even reviews them. He rented an office named “UIC space” in Mumbai. He is very friendly with his subscribers and named them “UIC family”. It currently has a count of 160k subscribers.

Youtube Channel: Ur Indianconsumer

7.    Prajakta Koli

Prajakata Koli - 7 Famous Indian YouTube personalities

Yet another very famous channel ‘Mostly Sane’ on YouTube is led by Prajakta Koli. Her videos are full of fun and entertainment. She releases Comedy Videos every Thursday. She even makes videos which are related to her life and vlogs and they are aired every Tuesday. Every Saturday she makes Q/A videos in which she answers to some of her viewer’s queries. She has also been awarded by IWM Digital for Viral Queen of the year 2017.

Youtube Channel: MostlySane

So, these were some of the popular Indian faces which have gained name and fame through YouTube. Also, there are many more who are like the emerging star in the upcoming generation.