6 tips to write a research paper


The task of penning a research paper is intimidating for a fresher. It seems something almost beyond our meagre abilities, given the extensive reading, gleaning and formatting it requires to produce a presentable piece. To cap it all, there exists the perpetual pressure of inserting a decent bibliography at the tail end. Evidently, it is no cake walk but it’s not a wild goose chase either. Writing a research paper involves certain definite steps which, when put to use properly, can help you craft brilliant essays. So, to this end, let’s explore the mantra that can fetch us both kudos and marks from the professor for that near-perfect research paper. Here are some of the tips to write a research paper.

Tips to write a research paper

1. Be choosy when it comes to selecting a topic. Write on something that tugs at you!

To write a gripping research paper, you’ve got to feel strongly as a writer about the subject you’re plumbing. It is only when the topic puzzles you immensely that you will care to go to great lengths to discover more about it. Thus, choose your topic with meticulous care, see to it that ample research material is available for you to dabble in and keep a tab on the sub-topics and related ideas.

2. Chart out a course. Create a research plan!

First of all, chalk up a pertinent question that you would want to answer in 3000-5000 words scrutinized paper. It could be anything, ranging from how or when something occurs to what forces drive a particular phenomenon, etc. Develop a sound methodology for your research quest, decide suitable ways and sources to scrape up information for the workpiece. Indeed, a good management plan helps you paddle through the gargantuan mess.

3. Turn a keen eye. Take notes, and that too detailed ones!

Weeding out important parts from the pile of readings is a must. After all, you can’t incorporate everything you read. Thus, notes need to be taken and they should include the following four things:

• Author or abbreviated title of a book/ebook/source.

• The page location of the source.

• Slug- This is a laconic description of the note.

• The quote, paraphrase or summary of the note.

4. Divide and Rule. Outline your notes!

• Introduction: This should include general information that will ease and meld into the crucial and more specific points of the main body.

• Body: This should be a melange of subtopics, backing evidence and citations.

• Conclusion: In this part, you should reiterate your claims and highlight the significance of the issue you debated in the research paper.

5. Pick up the pen and start scribbling the first draft!

One of the most cliche tips to write a research paperOne must be careful to not keep writing for long, interminable hours. Instead, set small writing goals. Deal with one topic at a time. This will enable a kind of division of labour and therefore, better handling of the avalanche of information. Moreover, do not stop to correct minor mistakes and break the flow and rhythm of writing. Always remember that disjointed writing makes itself visible and reflects badly.

6. Run through the final draft. Smooth out the rough ends!

Revise your work carefully. Look for possible grammatical errors and other silly mistakes. Also, check that your arguments are in sync with the question being answered and do not digress in a wholly opposite direction. The organisation of the paper should not be tampered with amidst the outburst of information. The order must be maintained.

With these tips to write a research paper, structuring a sound and well-probed research paper becomes well within reach. So follow them religiously and then sit back to gauge the stellar results it brings forth

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