6 most haunted places in Lucknow that will chill your spine!


The city of Lucknow is popular worldwide due to its culture, cuisine, and ‘chikankari’. However, the city has some places that are considered spooky and have numerous stories that are beyond human control. If you are brave enough then you must visit these haunted places in Lucknow at least once.

Most haunted places in Lucknow

1. Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara - Most haunted places in Lucknow to chill with your friends

Bara Imambara is known for its architectural beauty and is one of the most famous tourist attractions. The Bhool Bhulaiya located inside the Imambara attracts almost every tourist who visits the city. However, the place is also famous for its spooky incidents and ghostly haunting. The main reason behind the fact is that the building was constructed during a severe famine, and many innocent laborers lost their lives, so it is believed that their spirits haunt the place.

2. Sikandra Bagh

Sikandra Bagh - Most haunted places in Lucknow to chill with your friends

Sikandra Bagh holds utmost importance in the history of Indian Independence, although the place attracts more visitors due to its paranormal incidents. During the war for Independence, the Britishers killed many innocent Indians in the premises and locked their dead bodies inside refraining them from last rites. Since then the place is believed to be haunted by the spirits of those whose dead bodies were left to be eaten by scavengers. The dwellers of the nearby areas have claimed to hear mysterious voices and have seen people walking by the night when the doors are locked. Some have even claimed to see people crying for help and then disappearing mysteriously.

3. OEL House

OEL House Lucknow - Most haunted places in Lucknow to chill with your friends

OEL house was the residence of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah however during the British rule it fell into the hands of Britishers. The latter carried out mass murder in the place and then buried the bodies in a well.Years later the Vice Chancellor of the Lucknow University was given the house to live, however, the family overlooked all the warning of paranormal activities and roamed freely even during the night. A small boy playfully threw some stones in the well, where the dead bodies were buried, after some days he was killed mysteriously. Since then the well is locked with proper care.

4. Railway Quarters

Railway Quarters - Most haunted places in Lucknow to chill with your friends

A colonial house in the Railway Quarters is believed to be haunted. The story behind the haunting is, earlier there was a railway officer whose wife had an extramarital affair when he came to know about the fact he killed his wife and her lover and then committed suicide. Since then the spirit of the officer is believed to haunt the place. Many people have claimed to see mysterious white creature walking down the corridors at night.

5. Balrampur Hospital

Balampur Hospital - Most haunted places in Lucknow to chill with your friends

Balrampur Hospital is a well-known hospital in the city, but it is said to be built on a graveyard. Many of the patients and even the staff members have witnessed paranormal activities. The patients and their visitors claim to hear mysterious footsteps in the corridors and knockings on the doors. The staff members have also claimed to hear mysterious voices, especially during night duties. So, if you want to be treated by a ghost then a visit to the hospital will make your day!

6. Nirala Nagar

Nirala Nagar - Most haunted places in Lucknow to chill with your friends

The place is said to be haunted by the spirit of the dead who were buried here but were awaken by the living dwellers. Although, Nirala Nagar is newly built but it is believed that it’s constructed on a graveyard.  The habitants of the place have witnessed mysterious creatures that appear and disappear mysteriously during the night . Some have even heard high pitch cries of children and women. People living in this area face many problems and it is hard to for them to flourish.

The thrill seekers now know the most haunted places in Lucknow to visit when looking for some adventure.