5 ways you can make up for low grades in college | Cope up with lower grades


Are you gutted from your low totals in college? Do you feel a sense of deep contempt for your low grades in college? Do you feel a strong inferiority complex when asked about your dismal academic performances in college? What if I tell you that there are 5 ways that could help you make up for low grades in college? Yes! Just opt in for the 5 ways you can make up for low grades in college and see how you get back on your track and take head-on with the fierce pacing competition.

They don’t require any herculean efforts from your end. Just some change in actions and decisions could help you get back on track. See, not everyone can be excellent in academics. Though many wish to be on top of everyone, only a handful manage to reach the apex. Grades are no doubt a prerequisite in order to be eligible for a lot of activities.

The greatest American inventor, Thomas Edison once said

One sheet of paper can’t decide anyone’s future

Many students across the Globe follow this proverb blindly without understanding their own strengths and weaknesses.  Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes in today’s World.  You need to be academically strong in order to be eligible for jobs in many companies and their interviews. You need grades by your side to be eligible for a postgraduate degree from the top Universities of the World.

There are two kinds of people you’d encounter in your daily operations. Not everyone is born with an IQ of 160. Not everyone is intelligent to clear the toughest exams in one go. Some are just way to excellent when it comes to academics, while some struggle to make ends meet due to poor college totals. Well, if you are among those who belong to the category of academically poor individuals, then my friend, you are just in the right place.

5 ways you can make up for low grades in college

Get on with your failures

Get on with your failures - 5 ways you can make up for low grades in college

Stop lamenting about your failures. Accept your setbacks and move ahead. It would be an utter waste of time if you sulk into depression or state of mental illness, a total cut off from the real world. All those are pretty pathetic and childish activities that would do more harm than good. Because ultimately it is you who would be struggling in future if you don’t work on yourself even when the time remains. Try to put aside your casket of failures and low totals. Focus on what lies in front of you and what all you could do to make the most of it.

Low grades aren’t the end of the World. There are millions out there who fetch out much better opportunities for themselves than the ones with A grades because of their involvement in just the right activities, opting in for the right decisions, right skills at just the right moment.

Work on your skills 

Work on your skills - 5 ways you can make up for low grades in college

Explore new skills. Try to experiment with your interests as much as possible. Know your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly develop on the skill sets. Reinvent yourself. There are a varied set of skills as well. Soft skills combined with your domain skills is perhaps a formidable combination. It could make you invincible in today’s competing World.

Whenever you feel a decline in the interest while gaining a new skill, remember-

An investment in Knowledge never goes waste. It stays with you forever. Knowledge is best when applied. But, without regular application,  even your acquired knowledge could turn into rust. Don’t let your skills be idle. Put them under regular tests. Look for new opportunities where your skills could be put to optimum use.

For instance, if you are into programming, then try to learn as many languages as possible. Develop projects more often to have a strong command over the subject.  And while you develop new skills, try to polish your previous ones as well. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the earlier ones when most needed. A couple of minutes is all that you’d have to give in to get back your stronghold over the subject.

Gather Work Experience 

Gain Work Experience - 5 ways you can make up for low grades in college

This seems to be the most genuine option that students with low grades could opt in for. Now,  the question arises as to how could anyone with dismal totals manage to get some experience? Now, for that, you must have at least some basic skills that match the work profile of the organization. You got to have something under your belt which would give the employer a belief that your inclusion could prove beneficial for the organization.

Work experience in the form of internships is perhaps the best option could go in for during graduation or post completion of your degree.  You could even be a freelancer in fields of web development, content writing, business development or marketing.

And one thing that many might have noticed. Grades might help you on many occasions, but it’s the work experience that ultimately counts on most occasions. Many organizations prefer candidates with proper work experience when working as an intern, freelancer or even a campus ambassador.

Try to think from an employer’s perspective on how the work experiences can add to your resume when they think of zeroing down on any candidate.

Formulate a list of action plans 

Action Plan - 5 ways you can make up for low grades in college

It might sound like the most cliched option.  Every year, around lakhs of students, opt-in for an action plan at the start of each semester, but hardly a certain percentage manage to follow on a routine basis.

It could be boring, but then again, you got to do something for your grades, right? and Habits take time to develop. But, once you get accustomed to it, you would be one trained body and soul. More or less you’d function like a robot!

Talking about action plans, you could start by putting up a timetable for a week, month or even an entire semester. As stated above, it would seem difficult on most occasions, but keep reminding yourself of why you are opting for this strict schedule.

Have a goal. Set deadlines for yourself. Do whatever it takes that keeps you motivated on your goal. It could be anything,  from posters across the wall and cupboards, wallpapers on your cell phones or laptops, magazines or any motivational book, movie or person that helps you to accomplish your goal.

Extracurriculars the need of the hour 

At times you might feel quite saturated by your efforts. You’d feel a sense of detachment from your work or studies. But maybe that is because of the excess pressure of any form subjugated on you. So, in order to get the better of such frustrations and saturation, start going in for extracurricular activities. While they help you get back on your feet, they also help in adding up the considerable strength to your resume.

Wondering how? Well, you would have observed many students putting up scintillating performances by participating in extracurricular activities like sports, arts, literature, event organization, anchoring, etc.

Let’s take cricket for instance. Having mentioned your achievements in your cricket makes the employer think – Ok, this guy here is team player. He knows how to lead from front, has the knack of getting his work done by entrusting the job on his subordinates by firstly setting an example himself, is committed towards his work ,knows how to handle tough situations , is passionate and dedicated to his work,  knows how to bring out the best from every team member and performs the best when needed. Wow! So many points could be concluded about an individual by being an active participant in one activity!

See, that’s how an employer thinks when selecting individuals. You’ve got to be involved in some extracurricular activity of your choice that makes the employer go crazy for your selection. You’ve got to make yourself an irresistible person.

So, whenever you feel a bit low for not having scored some scintillating numbers in your report cards, then don’t get disheartened. These 5 ways if implemented properly with the right intention, and in the right direction, for just the right duration, will surely help you make a mark for themselves despite scoring below par totals.

Always remember-

Life won’t give you multiple opportunities. Whatever opportunity knocks your door, grab it that insant itself. Make yourself It is time for you to make an elicit decision regarding your career that could put you in a comfortable position in the years to come.