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Why internship? What’s in it for anyone? Are there any valuable lessons to learn during an internship? Are there any positives that one could acquire during the internship period? Yes, there are quite a few skills and lessons that one could learn during an internship, which might give the individuals the much-needed breakthrough in their respective fields at just the right moment.

The craze for internships has risen to completely another horizon. It is really astonishing to see that, just a decade ago, people hardly knew anything about internships and startups, and now the scenario is completely different! Students who are currently pursuing their graduation or have completed it have gone haywire with the concept of internships.

Though there exists a certain lacking in the awareness among the people regarding them, still, it is good to see the minds of people shifting in the right direction.  Let us see what life lessons do people get to learn during their internship period.

5 life lessons to learn during an internship

Time Management

That is perhaps the need of the hour. Every individual in today’s era is expected to meet the deadlines, without compromising on the quality of their work. In fact, there are people who are under 3-4 internships who carry out their tasks with utmost perfection without compromising on the academics. Still, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to pull that feat. As you must have heard of the saying-

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Same goes for the internships or any other form of work experience. Thus, it is generally advised for the individuals to work according to their strengths but constantly push the limits. Because that ’s when you would realize your true potential, isn’t it?

Time management tips for College Students

Skills beat Grades

Yes, that’s the bitter truth. Though grades are very vital in ensuring you a seat in many organizations that set a benchmark for their individuals must fulfill in order to be eligible for their interviews, but, it is these skills that will ultimately help you ace the interviews.

Companies aren’t looking for individuals who mugged up the entire syllabus and blurted out during the examinations, they look for candidates who possess sufficient work experience in a particular domain that could be of any help to their organization.

In fact, there are many individuals out there across the nation with far better aggregates during their graduation period, yet struggling to secure a well-paying job for themselves.

Internships are perhaps one of the best means to gain proper work experience of any particular field you wish to pursue further. It could be in web development, content writing, marketing or business development.  Just to gain as many skills as possible during your internship period and do polish them at regular intervals.

Networking with the right set of people

During the period of 30-45 days, you would be involved in interaction with people of varied interests and experiences. You would regret later for not having indulged in healthy interactions and in the process to have created a network of people. Networking is one key element that plays a very central role in MNC’s or any level of organization.

You must connect, share and learn and stay in touch with the right set of people who could prove beneficial for you in the long run. People, especially from the startups, put a very high level of importance to the art of networking. Keeping the company of the right set of people would certainly help in shaping your mindset to quite an extent. Your ability to think, perceive and incept are all dependent on the network of people. Plus, it is not necessary to just indulge in talks with individuals who share a similar domain, You should, at times, interact with the people from different spheres or departments who could help you achieve your goals.

It is not always about the money!

Many individuals opt out,  or most of the times don’t even opt in for certain internships considering the stipend to be way below their expectations. In the process, they lose the valuable opportunity to learn and better themselves, which gets handed to someone else who makes the most of it.

Well, wake up guys! Money ain’t everything. At times you would have to compromise on the money part if you want to learn new tips and tricks associated with your domain. Not every time your wishes will be fulfilled.

Yes, I do agree, a certain minimum amount in response to your work is a vital need to keep you going, but, at times you would have to make sacrifices on that note. It is easier said than done, still, the overall intention should be about trying to improve oneself, keeping the money on the sidelines.

Experience matters

Experience Matters - 5 valuable lessons you will definately learn during an internship

Every experience, no matter how small or big it might be, counts in the long run. You might not know it then, but surely will when you appear for any interviews at any stage.

The amount of hard work that you’ve put in must be visible to the interviewer through your resume. Your skills and experience should make the interviewer get the feel  – Wow, this guy is a genius! He is a rockstar! I want him on board from this moment itself.

Organizations are looking for experienced individuals on board. Gone are the days when your mere graduation degree ensured you a hefty package with timely bonuses and success. Situations have changed, demands have changed. Companies don’t just rope in anybody, they want people who’ve tasted some experience before.

I guess now would be having a clear picture of how beneficial internships could be for you to acquire some work experience. Either by hook or by crook, deep down we all want to excel in this highly riveting and computing environment. And why not? If you want to make a distinct impact for yourself at your workplace, then you must have that much-needed X-factor that will set you apart from your contemporaries. If at any point in time, you felt like going in for an internship or pondered about the positives that could surface from an internship, then do these points a deep thinking.