5 things student do before their examinations | Things we all have done before our exams


All set for exams? I guess they are are approaching in a week’s interval, right? How do you feel? Nervous?Scared? Or pretty confident that you will nail this exam just like your previous ones? So how many times have you revised the syllabus? Can you give me some tips to increase memory power and concentration? On an average, how many hours do you study in a day? 8, 10 or 12 ? How do you manage to sit for so long? Are you among those who manage to pass with flying colors with a couple of hours preparation?  Ever wondered about the 5 things that students do before their examinations.

These are perhaps the most ideal set of questions that you’d have to face during an exam scenario. The mugged up concepts might have a lesser probability than the fancy plethora of irritable questions that you’d be under during the entire examination period. And all you could do while facing such questions is nothing but smile.

Without an iota of doubt, the word exam can easily send chills down the spine of any individual. The intense pressure arising from the final examinations can get the better of any student, howsoever strong or weak he might be in academics. Students get petrified the moment the word “Exam” drops in their ears.

And in order to ooze off the pressure that might arise from such stressful situations, students resort to the different set of activities. Some like listening to music while studying, some like indulging in extracurriculars to keep their mind off from studies, some go for travelling just prior to the exam period, some tune in for a barrage of movies and tv series while there are the cliched ones who make it a habit of visiting temples on a regular basis.

5 things that students do before their examinations

How much did you study?

How much did you study - 5 things student do before their examinations - Things we all have done before our exams

This is perhaps the most irritating question that could spark off a major battle among the students. For many students, generating an answer for this question could be a trickier and herculean task than answering down the ones mentioned in the question paper.

Why? Why can’t people just focus on their own studies? What will you get in return even if you to come to know about somebody’s preparation? What level of internal satisfaction will you get after knowing someone else’s study routine?

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Wipe out the dust from the books and table

Wipe out the dust from the books and table - 5 things student do before their examinations - Things we all have done before our exams

Perhaps,  many start preparing for the exams just prior to a week or a day’s duration. Though they have their books and notes purchased from the start of the session, still, the lack of thrill and excitement compels them to study at the last intervals. And obviously, you can’t study from a dirt-covered book! You’ve got to give it some respect, right?

Although that so-called respect or need you could say arises only for a week’s duration at most! That’s when your inner cleanliness freak takes a total dominance over your mind and soul, and, forces you to say no to dirt and dust throughout the exam interval.

Watch a ton of movies and series

Watch a ton of movies and series - 5 things student do before their examinations - Things we all have done before our exams

It is hard to believe, but a gospel truth, that around 20-30 percent of students across the nation indulge themselves in watching either a movie or a good tv series that keeps their mind off studies and relax better. Some are so relaxed when it comes to examinations, that they take out some couple of minutes or hours from their movie and series duration to finish off their portions. How do they do that? You’ve got to have an elephant’s memory! Some are so unique, that they get a taste of both studies and series simultaneously and still manage to score some scintillating numbers in their mark sheets.

Please note –

The stunts mentioned above have been tried and tested by expert personnel under little or no supervision. So please, don’t risk off your career by trying these prior to the commencement of any examinations.

24*7 Social Media Presence

Social media presence - 5 things student do before their examinations - Things we all have done before our exams

You can be on social media websites. No one is stopping you on that note. But, why are you posting every single second about the activities that you are indulging into before any examination? There are people who constantly post photos or videos of them preparing for studies, taking power naps while studying, eating, dancing and doing all sorts of activities coupled with studies to showcase their multitasking abilities, well, that’s what these people call it!

Also, the use of hashtags to refer even the minutest detail reaches a completely new horizon during the exam period. Around 60-70 percent of the students resort to hashtags to express their daily routines through social media.

#Exam #Studies #Motivation #Success #Fear  #LateNightFun #ExamNextDay #WatchingMovies #ExamPressure,  are quite a common sightings on the social media during exam sessions.

Late night tutoring

Late night tutoring - 5 things student do before their examinations - Things we all have done before our exams

Some students find solace in helping others finish off their syllabus by being a tutor for them during late night intervals and in the process of teaching other students, they strengthen their knowledge too as it helps them revise their acquired learnings.

Phew! How can anyone think of tuning into such activities? While these exam time activities might appear as an entertainment for some, they are a real nuisance for others. Nevertheless, our lives would have been incomplete without such around the clock events during the stressful exam moments. Well, that’s how you make memories, right?