5 things about Lady Irwin College that you probably didn’t know


Lady Irwin College is one of the oldest and most respectable institutions of Delhi University. Established in 1932, it’s a women’s only college which allows the students to pursue their graduate degrees in the fields of Home Science and Food Technology.  The college has a rich historical lineage which could amaze you to the core. In fact, the buildings at Lady Irwin College have been regarded as a heritage site by the Government of India.

While it’s easy to get an overview of the college through the website and other online sources, getting an insight regarding the intricate details is something that you won’t find across any portals. So, without wasting a minute further, let’s go through the 5 things about  Lady Irwin College that every aspirant must be aware of before getting themselves enrolled in this institute.

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5 things about Lady Irwin College that you probably didn’t know

1. Perks of being centrally located

Perks of being centrally located - 5 things about Lady Irwin College that you probably didn't know

Perhaps, one of the coolest things about this institution is its location that connects you to almost every crucial commercial place around Delhi without much hustle and bustle.

It’s near to Delhi Metro, and Bus Stations from where you could travel across the different parts of the city. Also, it’s quite close to museums,  theatres, music and dance academies and galleries which makes it all the more easier for students to access in their leisure period.

2. Time for a makeover!

time for a makeover - 5 things about Lady Irwin College that you probably didn't know

Majority of the students seem to have shown a certain degree of discontent with the college’s cafeteria and other food-related services. In fact, many prefer making a visit to Sri ram centre auditorium, whenever there occurs an urge to fill the hungry stomachs.

3. Famous societies at Lady Irwin College

Famous Societies - 5 things about Lady Irwin College that you probably didn't know

One thing that makes Lady Irwin a complete distinction as compared to the other colleges in DU, is the presence of such highly diverse and popular dance and fashion societies. These societies act as a platform for the students to showcase their talent when competing against other colleges or universities.

For instance, Dhwani- the music society, Mukhauta- the dramatics society, Tulika-  the fine arts society and Nrityanjali- the dance society some of the societies at Lady Irwin College, which generally witness tremendous applause from the audience with their performances across various competitions.

Why to join a DU Society?

Regardless of the fact that Lady Irwin is an institution strictly for home science, one could find its alma-maters exhibiting a total dominance over the entertainment and fashion industries.

4. A limited set of choices

A limited set of choices - 5 things about Lady Irwin College that you probably didn't know

It is hard to believe that an institution like lady Irwin which is almost 86 years old, offers only a selected set of choice for the students to choose from. The Undergraduate courses at lady Irwin include-

  1. B.Sc (Hons.) Home Science – 3 years
  2. B.Sc Home Science – 3 years.
  3. B.Sc (Hons.) Food Technology- 3 years.

And the Postgraduate courses include 2 years M.Sc Home Science in the following subjects-

  1. Fabric and Apparel Science.
  2. Food and Nutrition.
  3. Resource Management & Design Application.
  4. Human Development and Childhood Studies.
  5. Development Communication and Extension.

Some of the short-term courses introduced at Lady Irwin College include-

  1. Auto Cad course.
  2. CSR course.
  3. Retail Management Course
  4. Rhinoceros Course.

5. Student Accommodations

Student Accommodations - 5 things about Lady Irwin College that you probably didn't know

Lady Irwin is one of those colleges which has it’s hostels within the campus premises, allowing the hostellers to make the most of the facilities which include the access to the library, auditoriums, and sports complex to name a few.

Final Thoughts

One thing’s for sure, you’ve got to be extremely focused with your career choices prior to joining Lady Irwin College. If you desire to make a breakthrough in the field of home science, acting or singing, then Lady Irwin could be one of the best institutes that Delhi University has to offer.

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