5 reasons why you should opt for an internship at a startup


An Internship at a Startup? Are you kidding? Why do you want to risk it out with a startup? What do startups have in their store for us? Will it be a right decision to opt-in for a startup rather than an established organization? Why should I go in for an internship at startup in the first place? Well,  there are hundreds and thousands of widely renowned organizations offering far better recognition to your work.

Questions like these keep on popping up the very instant the word “Startup” makes its presence felt. Some get excited hearing about startups, while some give looks of despair when the word “Startup” drops in their ears. For some, an internship at startup is an opportunity to develop themselves to the optimum, while for some,  it would be a far better option to remain idle, rather than work at one. Gaining experience while you are still in college through startups will become a healthy choice in the long run.

Frankly speaking, we live in a world where the fancy and flashy items manage to captivate our minds and souls way more than the ordinary ones. For a majority of us, working in deemed,  renowned organizations is a sign of greater success, than being a part of a risky yet competitive startup environment.

You must have heard the saying:

All that glitters is not gold.

Well, it goes very aptly with the present situation. What people don’t perceive,  is that considering the immense competition in this fast-paced environment, it is not easy for the majority to get a breakthrough in the widely known organizations. In order to succeed, we must have to plunge out of our comfort zones and take up tasks and responsibilities that lead to our personal and professional development. Work experience in the startups is just the right option in the present situation. And, it is not a crime to work in startups!  It’s time now to clear the air surrounding the startup and increase the participation of the youth in this booming world of startups.

5 reasons why an internship at a startup could prove beneficial for you

You would learn to multitask with perfection

You will learn to multitask with perfection - 5 reasons why you should opt for an internship at a startup

Yes ! you read it right. At a startup, you would be bundled with work ranging from varying levels of complexities, and your time management skills will be put to test on most occasions. But believe me, it will be totally worth it!

In today’s World, not many know the art of multitasking, that too when you’re expected to give the perfect results in a timely manner.  Just participating in multiple sets of activities won’t help you and the organization, if the results aren’t in anybody’s favor.

You will learn to adapt to situations easily

You will learn to adapt to situations easily - 5 reasons why you should opt for an internship at a startup

When working in startups, you must adapt to the changing situations. More often than not,  you would find yourself in uncomfortable situations which could pose a hindrance to your work. But, that’s the beauty of this culture. You devise tactics to adapt yourself to the testing and grueling situations, which ultimately puts you a foot ahead of your competitors in the fast pacing world.

You will develop a mastery over networking abilities

You will develop mastery over networking skills - 5 reasons why you should opt for an internship at a startup

Startups require individuals who could be the superstars in the workplace. Having candidates with exceptional networking abilities is surely a plus point for any organization. In case you aren’t good at networking, still, there’s nothing to worry about!

Even Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Habits take time to develop, though you’d have to speed up a bit, considering you’re in a startup.

Your work will be valued

Your work will be valued - 5 reasons why you should opt for an internship at a startup

The one thing that really amazes me about startups, you could actually turn out to be an impactful and influential person for your organization. Though it might not be visible on a great scale, still, small budding efforts from your end will surely add up to generate a bigger victory for your organization.

You could get to work as a full time professional

You could get to work as a full time professional - 5 reasons why you should opt for an internship at a startup

Working as an intern, you’d know how the activities are supposed to be carried out in that particular organization. You would probably know the ins and outs of the particular business, way better than any other contemporary of your age group.

Plus, the fact that you’d get to work and network with some of the finest, talented and intelligent people of the industry is a boon in itself, which obviously requires a certain higher degree of effort from your end.

Now you might be having a clear-cut knowledge about how valuable an internship at startup could be. It’s high time now for the youth to understand the value of an internship from startups and take a shift in the right direction. People would say all sorts of things to deviate you from attaining your best, might even give you some real-life examples of people who tried their hands in startups that horrendously failed.

But just for once, ask yourself –

Should a failure stop you? Better an oops, than a What if.

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