5 reasons why each college student must create a LinkedIn profile


Are you looking for a job? Do you have the skills needed for your dream job? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you have a network of some top-notch industry personnel? Then, my friend, you are all set to enter into the corporate world. Believe me, in today’s world, having a LinkedIn profile can solve all your job-related issues in one go.

A LinkedIn profile has turned into a necessity in this competitive world. It acts as a platform between the Employers and the Employees, to let them connect on a professional level. One can find his dream job ( part time and full time), internships ( virtual or full time), connect with some of the experienced personnel of the favoured industry, all in a click’s distance.

So, if you’re a college student, then it becomes all the more necessary for you to have a LinkedIn account to get you connected with people of your interest. In case you don’t have a LinkedIn profile or don’t feel the need of one, then I guess this article will surely change your perception.

5 Reasons Why you should build a LinkedIn profile

Lets you connect with groups of  experienced personnel

Lets you connect with a group of experienced personnel - 5 reasons why each college student must create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has this suggestive feature with lets you connect with groups of your interest. By doing so, you can get in touch with some of the experts in a particular industry or an organization, who could provide you with some major as well as minor details.

All you’d have to do is drop in a valuable message in the LinkedIn groups that help you grab the attention,  at the same time, it must clearly exhibit your interest in a particular field. What would follow, is a healthy discussion on varying levels, that lets you know the nuances of the work.

In overall, you’d many opportunities to learn, through a proper network of people in the LinkedIn groups. Who knows, if you could get recommended to your peers in the process!

Lets you build a network of corporate individuals

Lets you build a network of corporate individuals - 5 reasons why each college student must create a LinkedIn profile

If you want to get connected, with some of the eminent personalities of the corporate world, perhaps LinkedIn could be your ticket. Be it any form of an internship experience or a job application, LinkedIn is the most authentic and professional way to apply for those.

Also, one striking feature of this platform is that it shows the list of your connected people working in a particular organisation you wish to work at. So, if not a direct application, an indirect way of applying through your connections to your dream organisation, could help you in getting connected with the industry personnel.

Informs you about the trending news and  job openings

Informs you about trending news and job postings - 5 reasons why each college student must create a LinkedIn profile

The best part about LinkedIn is that you get to be fully aware of the things you wish to keep a track of, on a regular basis. Be it any job opening, or market-related research or a news indicating the market trends and demands of the recruiters. You get to know everything related to anything, all at one place.

Helps you build a professional profile pertaining to industry standards, instead of a resume

Helps you build a professional profile - 5 reasons why each college student must create a LinkedIn profile

Earlier, the employers had to tirelessly go through a bundle of resumes, which had descriptions of the individual in various fonts, formats and catchy headlines. Back then, it was customary to have a resume consisting of 2 to 3 pages, that gave the employers an exhibition of your acquired skills to date. Well, the scenario has changed.

Now, with a link to any LinkedIn profile, recruiters get to know every minute detail of an individual in a proper, organised and systematic manner, with all the skills, educational qualifications, and past experience ( if any), recommendations (if any), in a professional manner.

Thus, it helps them in zeroing down on a professional candidate at a much greater pace than wasting the time on going through the paperwork.

Best way to perform an organisational research

Best way to perform an organisational reseaarch - 5 reasons why each college student must create a LinkedIn profile

On LinkedIn, all you need to do is type the company’s name in the search bar, and you’d be shown with a barrage of information regarding the company, the job openings( if any), employees with their designations, skills one must possess to get an opportunity of a work experience etc.

Also, on some detailed search, you could get in contact with the former employees of an organisation, and extract more information about the profile you could apply for, work atmosphere, work culture, ethics, and promotion scenarios.

See, how easy it becomes for you as well as your employer in getting an appointment for an interview through a LinkedIn profile. One must understand, that having a LinkedIn profile has become the need of the hour.  Nowadays, Recruiters from many top organizations prefer going through the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, prior to shortlisting.

Gone are those days when you’d just barge in the interview doors, sling in your resume and get selected. Time has changed, and you must too! It’s not a complex procedure after all. All you need to do is create a LinkedIn account, put up your skills, work experience( if any), educational qualifications and Lo! You are just one step away from getting your dream job.

Happy Networking!