5 Reasons everyone should learn a Foreign language | Importance of learning a foreign language


Language impacts our daily life. It helps to express our feelings and desires. It is because of a language that we can communicate with the other human being. Communication is very important in our daily life. It’s importance can’t be overlooked. Ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming more and more important in today’s world. I have heard people making excuses of not learning a foreign language but since I have learned a foreign language, I can’t find a single reason why a person shouldn’t learn a foreign language. So, let me tell you some reasons why you should learn a foreign language.

5 Reasons you should learn a foreign language

1. Better Job Opportunities

Learning a foreign language gives you better job opportunities. It gives you a competitive edge over other companions. Nowadays even companies are looking for people who can speak multiple languages. The reason is simple for hiring these candidates as they can easily expand the network of the company to the different parts of the world. The chances of being promoted are high and you will always be the company’s number one choice when there will be a business meeting.

2. Establish Deep Connections and Cross-Cultural Friendships

You can’t learn every language in the world but at least you can learn some languages. Learning a foreign language helps you make friends easily. It helps you establish connections which might help you in some point of life.

For example, I learned to speak Spanish because I loved the culture of Spain. If you are talking to a Spaniard it is always better to say ¿Cómo estás?  rather than how are you? The point is if you talk in native language with a native speaker, that person feels a connect and can explain better about their culture. So even if you want to understand a culture of certain country or a person better, you must surely learn a foreign language.

3. Stay Smart in Foreign Land

Suppose you are in Spain and if you don’t want to look stupid and communicate with other Spaniards and know about their culture, you must speak in Spanish. Speaking in Spanish will also help you in other ways as you can’t be fooled. If you want to ask something you can confidently ask there will be no fear of looking stupid or being laughed at. People will appreciate you because you are coming from a different country and then also able to communicate in their native language.

4. Enjoy Art Work in their Original Language

If you are being told to watch a Bollywood movie in any other language than Hindi, will you like it? Obviously not. Sometimes the meaning of a dialogue changes. The originality is lost in translations. So it becomes important to learn a language of a country whose artwork you wish to enjoy.

5. Become a Better Learner

I have found a change in myself after learning Spanish. I have started to figure out things differently. I have become a more efficient learner. The best thing is that after learning a foreign language it is always easier to learn the second one because now your mindset is changed and you believe that you can learn easily. Also, you learn a lot about the culture of other countries and even you can read the books of famous authors in the original language.

So, now I can’t see any reason why one must not learn a foreign language. It is just about conquering your fear initially and once you are confident, you will find it easier to learn. The importance of foreign language is growing day by day and if you want to stand apart in a crowd, you must surely learn a foreign language. Duolingo is one of the popular websites to learn any foreign language online.

Here are some of the links provided to learn the foreign language:

1.Spanish: Leatn Spanish Language

Lengalia provides Spanish courses online. Here a student will learn Spanish grammar. Courses are offered at 6 levels from Beginner A1 to Advanced C2 level. Audio and Video exercises are provided for a student to learn. If you have a prior knowledge of Spanish, a placement test is provided to check your level and based on that test you can enroll accordingly.

2. German: Learn German Language

The Goethe-Instituts online group course allows you to adapt your learning flexibility according to your time schedule. Rather than learning on your own, you learn in a group of 10-16 students. Levels offered are A1, A2 and B1.1.