5 Most Haunted Places in Kolkata that should get a visit by the College Students | Haunted Places in Kolkata


“HAUNTED PLACES”, gets itself defined as to increase the adrenaline and forces you to do stuff that you never thought of doing. Being a college-goer, you should be filled with courage and have an open viewpoint regarding anything. So plan up with your peers and give these below-mentioned haunted places in Kolkata places a visit.

Most haunted places to visit with college friends in Kolkata

Plan with your college friends to visit these most haunted places in Kolkata:

1. The book-reader in National Library at Alipore

The book-reader in National Library at Alipore - Haunted places to visit in Kolkata by College Students

The Lady Metcaffe, the wife of former Governor-general of West Bengal during the British rule, with two unique qualities:

  • loves reading
  • a cleanliness freak.

So, this gives visits to the National Library from time to time which is not only the largest library in India but also stands firm in the 14th place of the largest libraries list in the world.

People living nearby have said that they have seen the lights of the library are ON in early mornings. During evenings, a grey coloured shadow is visible and students claim that it might be “her”. So NO night shifts here. And now there is a picture of the building as shown.

However, plan what you have to study and rest you will know…!

 2. House of  Mr. Hastings

House of Mr Hastings - Haunted places to visit in Kolkata by College Students

Belvedere estate is the name you are looking for if you are planning to give a visit to Mr Hastings house. People living here said that they have seen the grey cloured shadow riding in a horse going in or out of this residence. A  scary incident that occurred was a small seeing this grey coloured shadow became so traumatized that he fainted to death.

And this same people also claimed to see the spirit of the old boy moving in or out of the Hastings residence.

3. Rest in Peace – South park street cemetery.

South park street cementry - Haunted places to visit in Kolkata by College Students

Build in 1790, is one of the oldest graveyards of Kolkata. People of this generation loves photography as there is an easy access to such technology. Once a group of college-goers when in for photography sessions later on they found some spooky or spine-chilling incidence i.e, some shadows on the walls, a feeling that someone is breathing down their neck. You too can have the same experience, you have to come and feel the scary spooky thing that you have never felt but its still open for you!.

So that you can see and go through one of the chilling experiences of your college life. Have a look at this:

South park street cementry fearful - Haunted places to visit in Kolkata by College Students

4. The Galloping horse at Turf Race Course

The Galloping horse at Turf Race Course - Haunted places to visit in Kolkata by College Students

George Williams, a complete race freak who loved horse racing. He always used to bet on his favourite snow white horse named Pride, who used to be known as the champion of tracks. As time passed by Pride became week and one he failed to will a race resulting in an unfortunate death of  Pride. People assume Sir George Williams was the one who killed Pride.

On a moonlight night, people claimed to see Pride running down the tracks just to prove someone that he was worthy enough, as he was snowy white visibility was never a  problem. So you can too have a visual of Pride only if you are in the right place and at right time.

5. Lone Traveller at Rabindra Sadan Metro Station.

Lone Traveller at Rabindra Sadan Metro Station - Haunted places to visit in Kolkata by College Students

People have a tension which leads to frustration and then failing to control the frustration they commit suicide and their souls do remain here. At 10 pm, you may find some grey shadows passing through a coming metro as to make others feel how they have committed suicide. If you have the courage then have a stair at the walls of the metro station, who knows they may feel like showing off themselves.

So to have a life-changing experience you should have the courage to experience the most haunted places in Kolkata and then: live to tell the tale.