How to choose a college smartly? 5 key things to remember while choosing a college


Which college do you wish to opt-in for your graduation? Any plans or aspirations of studying at a particular institute? What all key things do you look forward to before finalizing on a college of your choice? What factors fascinate you to go in for a particular college the instant you hear its name? Is it the placements? Location? Quality of education? Infrastructure? If you’ve never given it a thought, don’t worry, I can assure you that by the end of this article, you’d know about how to choose a college smartly.

Most students across the nation find themselves in unpleasant situations when finalizing on any college.  What they don’t realize is that their decision of opting in for the right college plays a very vital role in getting them a major breakthrough in their field of interest.

Now you’d wonder how? How does college play a major role in shaping your career? Look, your individual efforts do help in taking you places,  still, a right college would play a major role in giving you a proper platform, an opportunity of giving your career a major boost or a breakthrough along with complete personal and professional development.

There is a humongous difference between a tier-3 college and the Tier-1 college constituting of top IITs, NITs and other top private engineering colleges, right? Be it in terms of the placements, infrastructure, exposure, location, there are such contrasting differences that you could easily make out in one go!

Well, many students get confused while picking up the right college that meets their demands.It really isn’t easy to finalize on any college. I think it’s time now for you to get a brief information of the top 5 key things to remember while picking the right college

How to choose a college smartly? 5 key points to keep in mind

Captivating Infrastructure

Captivating Infrastructure - How to choose a college smartly? 5 key things to remember while choosing a college

I don’t know if people are actually aware of this fact –

Presentation Matters!

Without an iota of doubt, the college infrastructure is the first thing that grabs student’s attention. This is where you’d be for those nerve-wracking competitive years. No matter how old and prestigious an institute is, if the infrastructure isn’t appealing,  then it could prove to be a major turnoff for the aspiring students.

Classy department blocks, Auditoriums, Playgrounds, Hostels, Greenery across the campus, lawns, Centralized library, Well developed eateries within the campus premises etc,   go a long way in captivating the student’s attention.

Location of the Institute

Location of the institute - How to choose a college smartly? 5 key things to remember while choosing a college

Yes, the location of your college does play a major role in getting you the much-needed exposure. How? Well, no disrespect, would you prefer a Chattisgarh based college over any college of Karnataka? I guess most people would kill their thoughts of studying in Chhattisgarh the very instant they come to know about the state’s education scenario. Well, lack of awareness could also be the factor for their disinterest in studying in less popular states.

You cannot ignore the importance of the location if an institution holds. The location has its own perks associated with it. Well, the kind of company of people you would get in big cities, and the fact that you will be involved with those people for a period of  3-4 crucial formative years will surely go long way in shaping up your mindset for the future. Not to forget the tie-ups and connections with the major industries that the colleges hold on their location basis.

Keep a check on the expenses

Keep a check on the expenses - How to choose a college smartly? 5 key things to remember while choosing a college

There is a massive difference between the fees structure of the private and the government colleges. In most cases, the amount you’d have to pay for your 4 years of graduation in the Government college accounts for a year’s fee at many of the top private colleges.

What’s shocking is that most of the students get easily lured by the college’s infrastructure and placements and they don’t realize how much amount tuition fee they would have to pay to avail those facilities. Well, get yourself enrolled in the institute only after making a check at each and every pointer. Prioritise the colleges according to your ability.

Do a background check on the local people

Do a background check on the local people - How to choose a college smartly? 5 key things to remember while choosing a college

Well, you must know beforehand about the natives of the particular region where you’d be taking your admission. The kind of people that surround you also determine what kind of a person you could become in the graduation years.

You need to be a bit flexible while forming the company of like-minded people, which most of than not you won’t get across any place or any institution. Get some information regarding the people forming the majority of the particular region.

It shouldn’t happen that the people you would be spending your crucial years aren’t a least courteous, helpful and polite in their approach. What if a language barrier comes in between? Not many regional people would go out of their comfort zones to understand your feelings. And, many regional people have certain perceptions made up in their mind for the outsiders which create many differences and rifts among them at regular intervals.

Clubs, Societies & Events

Clubs socities and events -How to choose a college smartly? 5 key things to remember while choosing a college

Well, your graduation would be incomplete without your participation in any club or society of your interest. Nowadays, almost a good percentage of colleges across the nation have various club cultures which help them provide a proper conducive environment to the students for their overall personality development.

Plus, these cultural and social events are a must, as they act like a stress buster for the students who go through a barrage of assignments, class tests, exams and obviously the pressure of results. Also, participation in these events and clubs add great positives to your resume. You develop networking abilities, better communication skills, experience, confidence and many such scintillating features in a couple of years.

Finding the right college that meets all your demands could really be a tricky task. It needs extensive research from your end which would help you to zero down on a college that matches your interests. The task’s generally way more complex as it looks like.  There is too of much hustle and bustle. So, if at any point of time, you happen to fall in a dilemma surrounding the college selections, key things to look forward to while selecting the college, then do remember these 5 key points in mind, as they would surely help you to make an elicit decision.