5 Interesting facts about Ramjas College that you probably didn’t know | Ramjas College under Delhi University


When we talk about Delhi University, can Ramjas College be far behind? Certainly, Not! Ramjas College is one of the oldest institutes of the nation. Established in 1917, Ramjas College was amongst the first three colleges to be brought under Delhi University. The college is perhaps one of the widely acclaimed centers of higher education and is constantly ranked as one of the best that Delhi University has to offer.

Studying at Ramjas is perhaps the dream of thousands of students, but only the finest of the lot are able to make the most out of it. If you are a Ramjas aspirant too, then it’s time you know the 5 interesting things about the college that will put to amaze!

5 things about Ramjas College that every aspirant must be aware of!

Lively Faculties

Lively Faculties - 5 Interesting facts about Ramjas College that you probably didn't know

It’s one of the rarest institutes where you could actually witness teachers and students interacting freely with each other for long hours or discussing their doubts within the college premises without any hustle and bustle. And in case you happen to one of the bright prospects of Ramjas College, who’s earning his way in the middle along with the scholastic burden, then chances are that you might get concessions on the assignments and attendance. Truly amazing!

Let’s Hangout, Shall we?

Let's Hangout - 5 Interesting facts about Ramjas College that you probably didn't know

Majority of the institutes that come under the North and South campuses are overly famous for the hangout regions where you could find students from different backgrounds socializing with each other on a day to day basis.

Rich Historical Backdrop

Well, the moment you step into the doors of Ramjas College, you’d be a part of an educational heritage,  which has been the alma-mater for some of the highly eminent and dynamic personalities of the country. It has a vast history associated with itself.  Mahatma Gandhi had himself inaugurated the college. And, following the partition, Ramjas College used to function under two shifts, one for the local students, and another for the students who immigrated from Pakistan to Delhi for educational purposes.

Political Scenario at Ramjas

Political Scenario at Ramjas - 5 Interesting facts about Ramjas College that you probably didn't know
Talk about Delhi University Politics, the 1st name that would pop up your mind would be the political scenario and campaigns conducted by the Ramjas-ites. Be it their celebration after winning an election or their year-long strikes that address the issues faced by any student, the Ramjas-ites remain in the news 24*7. The students leave no stone unturned in making sure their needs are met with 100 percent satisfaction. Intelligence with a tinge of stubbornness. Sounds Cool!

A beauty that grows multiple folds

A beauty that grows multifold - 5 Interesting facts about Ramjas College that you probably didn't know

The college’s greenery is what adds to its beauty. The Lush green campus of Ramjas never fails to attract the student’s attention towards itself. Many would agree to the fact, that Ramjas possesses one of the most beautiful campuses amongst the colleges of Delhi University, and its charm grows with every passing season.

One can’t deny the fact that,  students of Ramjas College are truly one lucky group of fellas in every sense. Be it in terms of the academics, participation in the non-scholastics or being in the limelight for their political works, they shine whichever place they set their foot in. Perhaps, that’s what makes them a class apart. Isn’t it?