5 cultural societies of Hindu College that you probably didn’t know about | Cultural Societies in Delhi University


Studying at Hindu College is a dream of many, but only a few who possess the Talent and Perseverance in the right proportions manage to make a cut for themselves at the eternal shrine of all-around excellence.  Hindu College is extremely unique in the way it operates. It’s one of those rare institutes that lay equal emphasis on a student’s extra-curricular activities and provides them ample amount of opportunities to carve out a niche for themselves.

Be it sports, elections or festivals, one could witness a thumping participation from the Hindu-ites during the course of their graduation. One such thing that people find quite interesting to read about or personally being a part of, is the cultural societies at Hindu College.

So, without wasting any minute, let’s take a glimpse at some of the Cultural Societies at Hindu College which have seen a colossal increase in the number of applicants,  and which continue to leave an everlasting impact in the minds of students.

5 Cultural Societies of Hindu College that will amaze you to the core!

Nakshatra – Fashion Society

Nakshatra - 5 cultural societies of Hindu College that you probably didn't know about

The college has a fashion society which acts as a platform for the students who want to take up modeling or fashion designing and helps them to put forward their talents across various events and festivals. In fact, many of Nakshatra’s members have been instrumental in bringing many laurels to the college by achieving success at various intercollege or university tournaments.

Manthan- Quizzing Society

Manthan - 5 cultural societies of Hindu College that you probably didn't know about

Manthan, the quizzing society has some of the greatest quizzers you will come across in entire Delhi University. The society conducts a series of tests that go throughout the year, prior to zeroing down on any candidate who later joins the prestigious club of quizzers. The selected individuals are then groomed for various quiz competitions and events that take place during the highly popular Hindu College fest,  Mecca.

Aarambh- Western Dance Society

Aaramabh - 5 cultural societies of Hindu College that you probably didn't know about

The Western Dance Society was founded in 2013 and allows the interested candidates to showcase their dancing capabilities and also grooms them to enhance their talent. In the past 5 years, the society has grown multiple folds and witnessed a tremendous increase in the participation from the public.  The society members could be seen making their presence felt at Mecca, the Hindu College fest and also at Quarks, the festival conducted by the Physics department of the institute.

Alankar- Indian Music Society

Alankar - 5 cultural societies of Hindu College that you probably didn't know about

Founded in 1998, the Music society has been a vital cog amongst the other societies and clubs at Hindu College. The member’s love towards the music is what forms the crux of Alankar. The society members have won numerous awards and accolades at the national level and continues to spellbound the viewers from the talent that gets showcased. The society conducts a musical fest under the name Harmony, which enjoys tremendous following from the students across DU.

Ibtida- Dramatics Society

Ibtida - 5 cultural societies of Hindu College that you probably didn't know about

It’s one of the well-acclaimed societies at Hindu College and even whole of DU. Ibtida conducts auditions for the students who wish to join the society and be a part of the rich dramatical heritage. The society also organizes their annual fest under the name Medina, which focuses on various societal and economic issues, and also conducts several street plays and theatres which are generally centered on discrimination, inequality, women empowerment and corruption.  Ibtida also promotes the students to take the necessary actions for smooth conduction of any social event or function.

Final Thoughts

One can never get tired of talking about  Hindu College. You can spend all day surfing the web or talk to Hindu-ites about the college or regarding any new developments that might have surfaced within the premises, yet,  each time in your research or discussion, you would come across some distinct yet mesmerizing information that will leave you intrigued to the core. Truly, one can’t deny, but accept the fact that-

Hindu ain’t just an Institute, It’s an Emotion.

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