5 Best Treks in India – Challenge yourself to a trekking experience like no other in India


Which student is not seeking an adventure? Trekking especially is one of the most sought-after adventure activities in the Indian Himalayas. The perfect settings of these mountains create ideal trails for an escapade. Concentrating on the tough treks, these giants have a noticeable number of strenuous treks that will excite every student looking for an adventure and count as a must-do activity. So, here are the best treks in India not meant for the faint hearted.

Here are 5 best treks in India to dare yourself

1. Chadar Trek (the Zanskar Gorge), Ladakh

Chadar Trek - 5 Best Treks in India - Challenge yourself to a trekking experience like no otherThe Chadar trek is one of the toughest treks in the Indian Himalaya treks, mostly because of the incredibly low temperatures, there are certain things to keep in mind while on the Frozen River Trek. This trek has a sub-zero temperature, hefty elevation, bitterly cold frozen river and a massive amount of slipperiness, hence the added challenge. In the summer, this raging river offers ferocious rapids for those looking for whitewater rafting. But in winter, the river freezes over, and when the roads are covered in snow, the river is the only access route for locals. But the reward is the scenic views of the Shanti Stupa and the beautiful stories of the inhabitants of the Zanskar village. The landscape offered by the trail of this trek acquires a pristine grandeur in winter as the trail enters into the Zanskar gorge. You’ll also feel absolutely inadequate when locals do it as if it’s absolutely no big deal, and you flail around!

Altitude:  3390 m

Trekking Distance: 62km.

Duration: 9 Days

Season: January to March

2. Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

Roopkund Trek - 5 Best Treks in India - Challenge yourself to a trekking experience like no other

Roopkund is a glacial lake nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas. This trek leads to the skeleton lake of Roopkund, the mysterious lake with hundreds of human skeletons. The lake is completely uninhabited, desolate and is surrounded by snow-clad mountains. On this adventure, you will trek through lush green meadows, as you get closer to giant Himalayan peaks, and there’s usually a good chance of snow at the lake itself. Hailstorms make this trek risky, but the scenic beauty makes Roopkund a memorable experience.

Altitude:  5029 m

Trekking Distance: 60 km

Duration: 8 days

Season: Mid-May to mid-June and September to October

3. Stok Kangri Trek, Ladakh

Stok Kangri Trek - 5 Best Treks in India - Challenge yourself to a trekking experience like no other

The Stok Kangri trek is a difficult trek given it high altitude. The trek starts in the stunning town of Leh and involves some rock-climbing as you get closer to the peak. The early section of the trek takes you through beautiful mountain scenery, and you’ll camp at gorgeous campsites. From base camp the climb becomes steep and the air thins, posing a thrilling challenge for trekkers. This trek involves precarious slopes, dry and arid terrain, frozen glaciers, making it unco testing and menacing. It also involves some rock-climbing, you don’t need to have any technical mountaineering skills to get to this altitude, the trek requires the highest fitness level.

Altitude:  5260 m

Trekking Distance: 40 km

Duration:  9 days

Season: July to September

4. Goecha La Trek, Sikkim

Goecha La Trek - 5 Best Treks in India - Challenge yourself to a trekking experience like no other

The Goechala trek is undoubtedly a difficult trek. There are a couple of days when the trekking can get quite steep, especially when the weather is harsh and merciless. You’ll trek through forests of ancient oak and rhododendron trees, across alpine meadows with great open views, and to the hill station of Darjeeling. As you near the Goechala Pass, you’ll have to cruise vast glacial moraines, and will have some fun on these exigent portions.

Altitude:  4940 m

Trekking Distance:  87 km

Duration: 10 days

Season: Mid March to June and September to Mid November

5. Pin Parvati Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Pin Parvati Pass - 5 Best Treks in India - Challenge yourself to a trekking experience like no other

Amidst the stunning scenery of mountain ranges, verdant forests and a bunch of wildflowers, Pin Parvati Pass is the only link between the green Parvati Valley of Kullu and the dry, arid Pin Valley in Spiti. On this trekking journey through the green valleys of Himachal Pradesh, you will across beautiful fruit orchards, blossoming wildflowers, and sparkling rivers and streams. Once you reach Pin Parvati Pass, you’ll see the brown and grey rocky landscape of the Spiti valley. For almost 10 days, you’ll be far away from civilization, crossing wide glaciers, climbing steep slopes, and trekking through thick forests. This makes the Pin Parvati Pass trek one of the most challenging treks in India.

Altitude:  5319 m

Trekking Distance:  105 km

Duration: 11 days

Season: July and August

With a varied landscape, from majestic mountain ranges, rivers to forests and tablelands, all guiding to stupefying spectacle and allure like no other. So, tie-up your trekking boots and challenge your self to these amazing destinations.

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