5 Benefits of reading newspaper for students


In this digital era, where we have all the news on our Facebook news feed or reading headlines, in short, is simpler through a few apps, newspapers are surely becoming a thing of the past. However, it is important to realize that the gap that lays between just reading headlines on social media feeds and reading the article in the newspaper. Most entrance exams nowadays have a general knowledge section for them. But, it’s not just the general knowledge, there are several other benefits that come from reading newspapers. We mention a few.

Benefits of reading Newspaper

1. Improves General Knowledge

Improves General Knowledge - Benefits of reading a newspaper

We live in a world where there is a new technology or innovation every passing second. Thus, as a part of the global community, it is important to stay abreast of national as well as international news. Be it economy, politics, technology, sports, entertainment or trade, newspapers provide it with all on a platter for you to choose from. Besides, nowadays, when most companies have a group discussion in their selection round, being well informed will allow you to participate more actively in discussions relating to current affairs.

2. Improves Vocabulary

Reading newspapers is among one of the best and most assured ways to improve your vocabulary. You can learn new words through a thesaurus or various apps and books available, the benefit from the newspaper is that it shows you the correct usage and reference to context related to that word. Thus, it is always a good practice to keep a dictionary handy and learn new words mentioned in the newspapers. Besides, journalism has to be thorough and unbiased. Therefore, it even teaches us how to convey your message, idea or opinion in the correct manner without defaming or offending anyone.

3. Builds opinions and views

Builds opinions and views - Benefits of reading a newspaper

Generally, the editorial section in any newspaper often discusses and debates regarding various schemes and issues. Articles on these pages are written after in-depth research by editors and experienced journalists where they provide their insight on current issues backed by reasoning. Reading about these often puts us into thinking and compels us to question these issues, thereby, building an opinion and a view for everything. Also, it helps us to communicate better and put up our ideas or views backed by proper reasoning and conclusions.

4. Widens your outlook

We lead the same lives every day- meet the same people and go to the same places. Newspapers allow opens the window to the world of new experiences, opinions, and stories of the world around you. Recently I remember an experience where I was cribbing about my busy schedule and then, I saw an article which was about a detailed insight into the life of refugees. Not only that changed my outlook towards life but inspired me to stop complaining. And that’s just one example, there are many inspiring stories and events waiting to widen your outlook once you start reading the newspaper.

5. Knowing the trend

Whatever might be your field of work, keeping abreast of the current trends is a market necessity. It is important to know the advancements in technology and its related influence in your occupation. Besides, its always good to about fashion trends, political currents, economic trends and various such things. For example, Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. Recently, talks are such that blockchain might be implemented in electoral voting soon. Besides, various debates are still going to legalize cryptocurrency.

Thus, it is beneficial to make reading newspapers a habit. You can start by just reading the headlines first, moving ahead to your favorite section- be it fashion or entertainment or sports and then, gradually, moving to the entire newspaper.

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