3 reasons why you should take up an internship in Bangalore


Bangalore, known by the names of the Mecca of Startups, the home of Rava Idli, and the garden city of India is a place that’s worth spending every single penny. In fact, it’s home to some of the leading IT companies across the nation, with more than 200 corporates stacked together in the Electronic city region. All these factors have made this city a hot choice among the students who are desirous of gaining the much-needed work experience in the form of internships, freelancing or campus ambassador programmes. Out of these, internships in Bangalore have become the most sought option amongst the students, owing to the exposure they might receive from the top industries during the internship interval. So, without wasting a second further let’s have a look at the 3 reasons why an internship in Bangalore has become a trending topic among the students.

3 reasons why you should take an internship in Bangalore

1. Job-hub of the nation

Bangalore is India’s leading job hub which grows multiple folds than its contemporaries with each passing year. The fact that 200+ companies are all stacked up at one place is a perfect testament to it.  As a result, there has been a boom in the internship opportunities for students which makes the city all the more desirable amongst them.

2. Home of Startups

Bangalore is the default choice of students who wish to gain experience while working in the startup environment.  As per the reports, there are more than 1000 startups at present, which cover the city of Bangalore.

In fact, there is so much diversity in the startups based in Bangalore, that it could even appear to be quite overwhelming for the young guns to choose from.

You could find internships in the field of Business Development, Content Writing, Marketing and Digital Marketing with the newly laid startups to the highly established ones, all housed together in the same city.

Top Startup in Bangalore

3. Opportunities for Students from different Disciplines

Bangalore is overly famous across the nation for the tech-based industries, but one must know that it not only provides opportunities for the tech-savvy students,  it also acts houses some of the leading pharmaceutical startups like Gratisol Labs Limited, Tracxn Technologies Private Limited and biotechnology-based startups like Bangalore Bioinnovation centre and Invitrogen Private Services Limited to choose from. Not to forget the various departments that the companies hold which act as a potential source of income.

In a city Bangalore, you’d be competing with the likes of some of the smartest minds in the nation, all well equipped with varying levels of skills sets and experiences. And it is generally observed, that our mindset is shaped to quite an extent by the company we surround ourselves with. Even if you a lack experience on certain elements, you could cover up by keeping yourself amongst the groups of people who are well versed at it. That way, you could learn immensely and work on your strengths during the course of the internship.

Final Thoughts

An internship in Bangalore is all you need to make a breakthrough into the domain of your interest. The blossoming weather, infectious work environment and the company of some of the finest people in the industry will teach you a lot, and will certainly help your professional career.

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