10 ways to become your best self | Become the best version of yourself | Build your personality


Are you in the teens and your parents are behind you for so-called bad behavior? Looking for ways and tips to build your personality? Want to be more productive? Want to know a few things to invest in yourself for a better living? So here are a few tips that may come handy.

Tips to become a better version of yourself

1. Wake up early

I get it, it is hard for me as well. But you will get some extra time to work on the project you didn’t finish last week, or you can study for your days’ lecture or even try a new hobby. Also its a very healthy practice to wake up early and plan your day to get the most out of it.

2. Meditate

This is a great way to declutter your brain. Also, it is one of the oldest and best ways to de-stress. It also helps you stay focused and energized the whole day. There are plenty of apps which can help you get started.

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3. Listen to podcast

Podcast are broadcasts which can be downloaded and heard anywhere, also it can be saved to your iPod sets as well, and hence the name podcast. There are a dozen of podcast available starting from education to health, business to music and so on. These can be a great way to wind away time at the same time get some quality information.

4. Exercise

We all know that our body loses its flexibility over a period of time if it is not taken into account.  You definitely don’t want to spend all your earning to the doctor! So go out and shake yourself. Your body and savings will thank you for this in the later period of the life.

5. Positivity

Being optimistic is the just the key to live a happy and stress-free life.  It is as simple as seeing the good in everything. Spend your precious time with people who are positive in nature. Listen to motivational songs to get inspired and start working on your dreams and goals.

6. Journal daily

This is one of the latest trends which is buzzing. It is just writing everything down on a piece of paper. This way your brain can generate more ideas. Also now that you have jotted down everything you can plan your work and be more productive. Reciprocating your life always help in seeking clarity.

7. Call people and have meaningful conversations

No matter how busy you are, spend some time to talk to your friends and parents. Call them and ask how are they doing or just update them of your current being.

8. Don’t procrastinate

I know this sounds bad, still, you have to stop procrastinating, and start working.  You don’t have to wait until next new year to start your resolutions. You can do it every month, every week and every single day. You can start fresh any day. So start doing.

9. Read books

Trust me there are a dozen things which neither you or your colleagues nor your boss is aware of. So just take advantage of this, you can go up the track by just spending some quality time on reading about topics that interest you.  Try to read at least 20 pages a day.

10. Minimize the time on social media

So are you complaining that you don’t have time, and are very occupied with your current schedule? And still, have time to look at your friends’ social updates?? Trust me if you were spending your time on the above points rather than on social media, it would do great wonders. Do give it a try.

Even trying a few of these will help you escape from your parents’ scoldings, and also lead a healthy lifestyle.

STUDY while others are sleeping,

WORK while others are wishing,

SMILE while others are frowning,

PERSIST while others are quitting.